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iPhone Productivity Apps to Boost Your Daily Efficiency

Your new iPhone garners more attention in the meets than perhaps the presentations by most speakers. Sure, it is making you proud.

However, do you know that it could offer you much more than this delight? Yes, you can use your iPhone to keep yourself productive while you are traveling across different meeting venues, when you are checking the mails for that ‘one last time’ in the day, and even when you are relaxing with your cuppa.

Here’s how productivity apps on your iPhone can keep you in business


You sure can’t do without this one! This iPhone productivity app combines all your e-mails that you have across all the different mailboxes and presents them as one. This saves you the hassle of managing different accounts and also saves time by letting you avoid signing in and out of those accounts to check your mails. Finally, it also gives you one-click access to view the mails, reply to them or even remove them if they are redundant. Also, it lets you prioritize the mails by adding follow-up dates to be on track.


While you’re meeting up with clients, you just might miss to follow-up on the team delivery. Both are crucial and demand your attention. So, what do you do? Rather than focusing on one and letting the other one be, use the Clear iPhone productivity app and display your proficiency. Use this app to organize your day, set reminders for the urgent tasks, create personal lists, and even sync it to your iPad and iPod touch. De-clutter your life and remain productive…


This one is a step ahead of Clear and besides helping you organize your day by prioritizing tasks, it also syncs your calendars and to-do lists, gives you filters to sort the tasks as per urgency, and lets you manage your day by the minute. With this app on your iPhone, there will indeed be nothing falling through.

TextGrabber + Translator

For all document editing tasks that remain piled up on your desk simply because you were away – use the TextGrabber + Translator app. Click a picture of the text and that’s it… it automatically converts your text in to the edit mode and lets you edit, highlight changes, and even hear it aloud. This is easy, fast, reliable, and you can translate the available content in over 40 languages. You sure can’t ask for more…

PDF Expert 5

Once you have edited the text using TextGrabber, you can also use this handy app – the PDF Expert 5 to convert it into a PDF to be shared. Besides simply converting text documents into PDFs, you can use this app to highlight text, create notes, fill forms, and share them with your team members as well. To make the converted PDFs appear professional, you can also add signatures, stamps, and so on.

So, with these iPhone productivity apps available to you, don’t just use your smartphone… use it smartly so that you remain efficient throughout the day. Which one are you starting off with?

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