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iSmartAlarm: Your Home Security is Finally in Your Hands!

Finally, here’s the simple, customizable, affordable and most importantly easily manageable home security system that you’ve been looking for. Have you yet checked out the features of iSmartAlarm? Well, here’s everything you need to know why you should ideally get it home today!

First things first, effortless security of your home is what this alarm ensures for you at the least. It is elegant in design and the complete white package comes set with:

  • A hub
  • Two sensors that you can conveniently set up on your doors or windows
  • A motion sensor
  • Two remote controls
  • Smart switch
  • Camera for recording video-footage and HD video storage capacity

How iSmartAlarm works?

Its operation is pretty simple. On your Android or iOS device, download the free iSmartAlarm app. Create an account using your mobile phone number and follow the onscreen prompts on the app to complete the installation. Once you set up the device, the white LED light on CubeOne comes on and remains that way till it senses a miss. Once it does, the white light will turn red and alert you instantly.

A quick roundup of the features!

Since this home automation and security system is entirely customizable, you can easily browse through the settings to check the options it allows. Home, Arm, Disarm and Panic are the four clickable options on the app that you can begin with. The Home option allows you to keep the sensors activated while the volume of the motion alerts are somewhat reduced. Nonetheless, it will continue logging in every event in its database. The Arm option allows you to activate the sensors in full capacity. Once this is set, the CubeOne will start emitting beeping sounds. This is hint for you to leave the home within the next three minutes as it will otherwise let out louder beeps by treating your presence at home as that to be of an intruder’s. The Disarm option does pretty much what you’ve probably guessed. It will deactivate the sensors and no notifications will be sent thereafter. Even the Panic mode will be switched off when you select this option. One interesting feature of this option is that even when it is enabled, the app will nonetheless continue to provide contact-sensor notifications, just to keep you informed that everything back home is well. iSmartAlarm provides you three volume settings to choose from. The fourth setting lets you mute the volume completely.

Customize it the way you want to…

These are just the standard options to begin with; this alarm device and sensors allows you to completely set it up the way you want to secure your home. It lets you create custom modes, define the interval in which the system should arm or disarm, camera sensitivity levels, and a host of others. And if these were just the features – here’s the perk! Since this is a free app, you don’t have to bother about timely payments or renewing any contract. Once you have it with you, you can start using it promptly and keep your home safe.

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