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LinkedIn Power Apps: Handy, Resourceful and Simple!

You’re already registered with LinkedIn, the website for professionals to network and connect with other professionals. While it is easy to login and keep a tab on everything that’s going on here, having a LinkedIn app could be better, right?

So, here’s a list of LinkedIn apps that you could install on your smartphone right away! Different professionals use this portal for different purposes – recruiters could check out the benefits to find the right candidate and job seekers could expect to find their dream opportunity here. So, irrespective of the capacity you are working in, here’re the apps that could surely get you going…

LinkedIn Job Search

The category of job seekers is perhaps the highest on LinkedIn. No matter what designation or profile you are working in, there is always scope for growth. Check out the features of this app to crack the smartest new opening in your industry. You can look for jobs based on keywords, title, location, etc. It allows you to enjoy 100% privacy (keeps your searches and applications away from your connections) and even notifies you of newer openings as and when they come up. What more? You can apply for the position straight from the app and get through instantly.

This app is available for FREE for iOS users.

LinkedIn Connected

If you are an Android or iOS user, you can download and install this app for FREE on your mobile and enjoy seamless connection with your friends and associates on LinkedIn. Using this app, you can keep a tab on the significant events on your connections’ lives – connect to them when you need to and when they need you the most. Wish them on the right dates, learn about their job movements, nurture your relationship like never before – yes, this app is capable of this and much more.

LinkedIn Pulse

You love to connect and expand your network – LinkedIn Pulse allows you to do this and more!

Catch up on the stories and write-ups that your connections are writing and sharing on this platform. Customize the different genres and streamline all your news feeds so that you are always abreast of everything that is going on and at the same time easily like and share content that interest you. Most trusted news sources such as Time, Forbes, Business Insider, New York Times, etc. are here; when are you joining? If you are an Android or iOS user, you can download this app for FREE on your mobile.


Yes, SlideShare, your preferred platform for sharing PDF and PowerPoint presentations is also available to you as a LinkedIn app!

You can do pretty much everything on this app, as you can on the desktop version. Create presentations, view presentations, like and share them and even save presentations that you can browse through in the offline mode. Download this FREE app today on your Android or iOS device and browse through over 15 million videos, presentations and Infographics.

Besides the above, there are a host of other handy apps also available for LinkedIn; LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn for iPad are just a few of them to name here.

So, if you have been using an app that we’ve not featured in this list or you would like to know more about an app mentioned here, we would be glad to hear from you. Moreover, we would be happy to assist you in your journey aboard the LinkedIn power apps – from downloading to installing to configuring the settings. Share your experiences with us.

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