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Fretting over rising power bills? Nest Thermostat’s all you need!

The dream of enjoying the ‘smartness’ of a smart home wouldn’t turn so sad, if only you had a magic wand to curb the power bills that are so killing!

Indeed, the rising power bills are such a pain that we dread realizing the smart home idea. Thankfully, there are home automation options such as the ones from Nest that not only create the ‘perfect weather’ in your home but keep your power bills ‘pocket-friendly’ too.

So, if you are looking to change your existing home thermostat option or set up a new one in place, check out the benefits of Nest Thermostat that is smart, budget-friendly and effective.

Why is Nest thermostat the perfect option for you?

Consumers today need products that are simple to set up and easy to use. Nest thermostat absolutely fits the bill and more…

Easy to install

Nest Thermostat is perhaps the easiest home automation alternative to install simply because it does most of the tasks on its own. Once you have installed it and mounted the device on your wall, it will activate itself without you having to initiate or control it. Soon after, it will start analyzing your home and prepare the heating/cooling setup to best suit your preferences.

Control the thermostat via your phone

Download the app on your smartphone and use it to control the temperature at home. From one account, you can control up to ten thermostats (in two homes) and even when you are miles away. Use the app to also check your energy saving results, alter the temperature settings, and install the latest updates. To download the app on your iOS-based device – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – you can visit iTunes now. For downloading it on your Android device, you will have to wait for a few more months as an Android app is being scheduled for later this year.

Nest Learning Thermostat + Nest Leaf

Nest thermostat redefines a smart home in a refined manner. Using the Nest Sense technology, it analyzes whether or not you are home and thereby keeps the temperature pleasant before you return. Its in-built wide angle motion sensor learns your pattern – when members are home, when they leave home, the preferred temperature etc. and creates a favorable ambience for you. To modify its ‘learnt’ settings, you can easily edit them. The Nest Leaf shows you’re saving on energy and guides you further.

Schedule the perfect ‘climate’ on your own

If you want to set the temperature as per your own liking, you can also auto-schedule the temperature using the Nest Schedule tool. This comes handy especially if most members of your household are on vacation or you are the only one at home while others are away at work. Using this tool, you can alter the regular settings and set up the thermostat to suit your individual needs.

Auto-Away cuts down your power bills instantly

Even if you forget to turn down the heating or cooling at the time of leaving for work or during outstation trips, Nest will ‘learn’ that there’s no one home and thereby automatically turn itself off during the period. And once you return, it will turn on its regular schedule and maintain the temperature as you’d left it. Also, the Smartsense Multi Sensor technology allows Nest to figure out if a window or the door to a room has accidentally been left open. In this case, it will instantly turn off the system to prevent energy wastage and keep your power bills under check.

IFTTT – handier than thought

Using the IFTTT, you can let Nest do a whole lot of tasks for you including:

  • Turning off AC power outlet when you leave home
  • Moderating the temperature at home by automatically turning on/off the AC power outlet
  • Using your smartphone’s GPS to track when you leave home and your return
  • Setting up your preferred temperature in the devices located in the different areas of your home

Well, all of these will contribute towards reducing your power bills and saving on energy consumption!

Compile monthly reports

To view the monthly reports of the amount of energy consumed, saved, and other elements of your energy history; you can easily ask for it at Nest and they will send you across detailed monthly reports and even advise you if there were areas where you could improve upon and save more.

Cool isn’t it? Well, now you know how you could get smarter… simply by bringing the Nest thermostat home. Do you have better options that you use to save on your rising power bills? Don’t miss to share them with us… 

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