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10 Personal Life Apps to Get Work-Life Balance

Given a chance, you can attain solutions to all your woes and problems here… right on your hand! All you get to do is to navigate to the app store that lies on the smartphone or tablet held in your hand. You will find plenty of apps there catering to planning, organizing, and simplifying your life. Especially if you are multitasking and busy alternating between emails, messaging, calendars, tweets, productivity apps, news feeds, fitness and other demands of their lives – sanity is what you are losing at the exchange of tremendous amount of stress. Before innumerable options at app store overwhelm you, we have filtered the best and readied a rundown of personal apps based on the popularity, rating, whopping number of downloads and most of all, usefulness. Hence, scroll down, check out how they work and select the best personal apps for you – to stay focused, get reminders, be on time and stay sane.

1.      Cozi Family Organizer

Now that Evernote is efficiently taking care of your work meetings and productivity, let Cozi Family Organizer handle such chores on the home front. The app allows easy sharing of calendars, events and errands among family members, whether Android or iOS users. With everyone synced to shopping lists, family events, household chores, dinner plans – you can dodge blunders of buying same grocery items twice, forgetting important dates and events or some other commitments.   

Notable features of this personal app include:

  • Easy to use color-coded calendar
  • Editable appointments
  • Send reminders
  • Shared grocery lists and to-do lists 
  • Create and share family journal

2.       SavingStar

If most of the saving plans of your family pop out of your thinking hat, then it is time to do it even better! Wouldn’t it be great if you could save some pennies every time you go out and shop? That’s what this e-coupon app SavingStar is designed to offer you with thousands of coupons to be redeemed while shopping various household stuffs. On reaching $5, the app will transfer the savings to your connected bank account or you can convert savings into an Amazon gift card. Use this smart shopping app to save more, right from today. Here are the special perks of using this personal life app –

  • Surprise free offers
  • Freebies include common crockery items such as pasta, fish, sugar, candy bars, cooking soda etc.
  • 20% saving with Healthy Offer of the Week on fruits and vegetables
  • Connects to PayPal account, bank accounts, gift card.
  • Updated with latest deals every week.

3.       Orange Diary Pro

Orange Diary Pro is an ultimate personal life assistant which takes care of your to-do lists, photos, voice memos, and many more things. The app syncs with your favorite cloud service such as Dropbox and Google Drive to maintain documents, photos and other memories. Following features will explain how this personal life app assists in creating and managing journals at your fingertip –

  • Organize journals by icons, folders, tags, calendar
  • Send reminders through status notifications and alarms
  • Offer templates for easy creation of journals of different types including photo, video, audio, to-do lists and expenses
  • Customize background colors, font type, size and color, date, time and currency format
  • Backup, restore and scheduled backup
  • Import and export from email, cloud service, calendar apps, blog apps
  • Support for both text and CSV format

4.       HelloWallet

Family budgeting is a crucial and difficult task that involves meticulous calculation and management of all points of earnings and expenses. HelloWallet is designed to cover all your expenses and sources of earnings so that you do not miss any bill payments, increase savings and gain better control over your finances. Major features of HelloWallet include –

  • Assistance in planning retirement, emergency savings, reducing debts
  • Set savings goals and track progress to know how many more to save
  • Keep track of overall finances
  • Get real­time updates from bank accounts
  • Budgeting and tracking tools

5.       Daily Routine

Here is one key to run all your daily errands more efficiently than ever – starting from preparing breakfast to driving to work, from evening grocery shopping to dinner menu plans. As the name implies, the app gives you control and aids in successful completion of all your tasks. Check out how Daily Routine helps manage and strike a balance between your office duties, household chores as well as save plenty of time for hangouts and recreations – see how it works managing your life:

  • Reminders and notifications on everyday tasks which you usually forget
  • Silence alerts during holidays and customize notifications for different actions
  • Print list of tasks and commitments when you want to disconnect your device
  • Create and modify as many routines you want
  • Schedule and reschedule individual timeslots
  • Make calendar events flash from Daily Routine timeline
  • Galore themes and icons to customize your calendar
  • Share daily routines by printing through AirPrint printer, email as a PDF or via Dropbox

In addition to these top 5 personal life apps, we recommend you following 5 more to consider in case, you need more variations to select the right apps. These include

6.     Goodreads – One tap source to find good books, reviews, connect with authors and what your friends are reading and recommending.

7.     CrunchTime – Ideal for serious task organizers, the app helps lets you set and track goals and awards users with badges on meeting goals.

8.     Splashtop – Splashtop is available on all whether iOS, Android, Windows-based PCs or Mac machines. This is the easiest tool you get to collate, track progress of all tasks assigned and modify from any computer or smartphone anytime and anywhere.

9.     Lose It – If you are trying hard to accommodate your fitness regimen inside your work and family schedule, then Lose It is what you need. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, you can set fitness goals and diet routine and track progress to make it easy for you stick to your fitness plan without giving up.

10.   Divide – Losing your several personal and business documents? Divide comes to your rescue to differentiate and manage your documents and keep them in safe vaults to ensure privacy.

With these personal life apps at your disposal, on your smartphone and tablet – you will soon gain better control over your diverse goals, from personal to professional, from fitness to finances and many other aspects of your life.

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