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Reenergizing your Mac in 5 Simple Steps

When you first bought your Mac, it was an experience unlike other with lightening fast speed and unprecedented utilities at your fingertips. One year on, it seems like your precious device is ageing, coughing up responses to commands slower than usual and the rotating beach ball a regular companion in your computing time. It may be that your Mac needs a clean up to restore its original glory. Worry not; just follow these simple tips for cleaning up and speeding your Mac:

Before any clean up or maintenance task on any computer, it is best to back up your data first. For Macs, you can just run Time Machine on any external drive for this.

1.      Maintain Minimum Storage: Ensure that the available storage on your Mac never drops below 10 per cent. Having free space keeps your device running fast and without glitches. It also substantially brings down the risk of disk swapping. Cleaning up disk space once a month is ideal, if you can do it more frequently the results will only be better. You can start by looking into the iTunes and iPhoto.  

2.      Check your Startup Options: Your Mac may start showing signs of slowing down while booting and that can get frustrating. You may consider checking the default applications which open on start up and close the irrelevant ones. For this, go to System Preferences>Users & Groups>Login Items tab to see a list of the apps that open when you boot your Mac. Uncheck the apps you don't need at startup. Evaluate the items on your startup to see which programs are on the list. Have only those which you require immediately be a part of this because the more number of system resources you have on startup, the slower your Mac will be. Remove the ones which are just hogging space and make your start-up more clutter-free. This will speed up your Mac.

3.      Memory Boost: The best way to boost the memory and speed of your Mac is adding more memory. You can easily add the required amount of RAM yourself by reading the detailed instructions on the Apple Support Page. You might want to consider buying a compatible and reliable RAM of brands other than Apple because that would be more cost effective. Alternatively, you can reset PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) to greatly enhance the performance of your Mac and accelerate its speed. You can do this by holding down the Command, Option, P, and R keys as you turn on your gadget. Once you hear the start-up sound for the second time, you would know that the PRAM has been reset.

4.      Monitor Activity: If your Mac hangs in the middle of important tasks or is generally just frustratingly slow, you consider checking the Activity Monitor which will give you the CPU and memory usage of every running app. Discard the bulkier apps and switch to lighter options like Chrome instead of Firefox.

5.      Update your OS: Ensure that your OS is current and updated. Every software update comes with fixes for delays and crashes. So, there really is no reason to sit on that update because it may take a little extra time to download. 

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