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Smart Home Security Checks you Mustnít Miss!

The very base of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to provide us with a well-connected world, a world that is connected through the Internet. This is the world of our smart homes, smart appliances, smart parking areas, and so on. However, in an attempt to make our lives easier, are we jeopardizing our security? Can controlling everything at home via your smartphone, which is with you in your workplace, located miles away, actually lead to security loopholes? We revisit the dream of an IoT-enabled future to see if the threats actually exist and if they do can we do anything to minimize them.

Security vulnerabilities surrounding your Smart TV

A smart home isnít complete without a Smart TV. These are set with cameras, come with in-built apps such as games, browsers, social media connection and allow you to send instant messages as well! Certainly, they arenít smart for nothingÖ However, they also come along with a number of security vulnerabilities such as the camera that a hacker could use to secretly observe your behavior to determine the right time to break in to your home. They could even hijack your browser and other applications and install ransomware that would demand big bucks to release your device and data.

Are security systems as secure as they should be?

Definitely, there are different security systems that are available, each a little better than the other and promise of watertight security when it comes to guarding your smart home. Nonetheless, these are all controlled by the Internet, and like everything on the web is prone to threats, your security systems are also no better. So all your advanced technology-based devices such garage doors, safety locks and even security cameras can easily be hacked to gain control of your home. And once the security is compromised, imagine the kind of pain you could be put through.

How tightly protected are your thermostats?

It appears that thermostats can reveal much more information about you than perhaps the makers of the device intended to. From the schedule of your family members to your preferred temperature, thermostats record it all and display if asked to. So, if someone wanted to learn about your whereabouts, he could simply hack the thermostat installed in your smart home and access all this data and more.

Do lighting systems reveal more about your home than they should?

Just like the thermostat, even lighting systems can be hacked to enable an intruder easy entry into your home by manipulating the same. While at the most he can steal your belongings; in the least, he can still manipulate the system to alter the power consumption records and thereby throw you out of gear with humongous power bills raised in your name.

Believe us when we say that these are just a few to ponder over; the list of threats that loom large over automated homes is endless and one can easily fall prey to the different nasty tactics that hackers use to break into smart homes. So, what can you do to remain safe?

The first place to begin this journey would perhaps be securing your remote control, such as your smartphone, using which you will control your automated home. In addition, you will also have to be very alert about the functioning of the systems you have installed. Keep them working and un-altered to be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart home in actuality. A smart home can only remain smart if you are a smarter user. Stay vigilant and keep the security settings on 24x7.


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