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Smart TV Security: are you covered?

Are you still using your TV, just for viewing regular channels? Well, it is time to change to 'smart TV'. We live in a connected world of Smartphones, tablets and PCs and now this very same connectivity has moved on to the television as well. But what is a smart TV and what does it do?

What is really a smart TV?

Just like a smartphone, a smart TV gives a range of internet-connected services that a regular TV doesn't offer. It is equivalent to a computer, giving you the option to perform a number of tasks. With a smart TV, you get apps, media streaming, web browsing, games and the most important feature Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

IPTV is a particular type of internet video standard and is used for any kind of video that is streamed via the internet to your TV. Yes, we had these from a while now, however 'smart TV' has bundled all these features together.

Why do I need a smart TV?

Although smart TV offers a range of features that make it a must have, there is one particular feature that completely revolutionizes how we think about our televisions. Smart TVs use a system called DLNA that allows one to stream media from computers or phones to your TV. If you are one, who download a lot of videos or music from the net, then your smart TV can now access that content directly without your requirement of copying the data onto a disk or a USB device.

How to connect smart TV to the internet?

All smart TVs today accept Ethernet cable that is there at the back of the TV. The latest models of smart TV also support wireless connection as well. To connect the smart TV to the internet, you will first need to set up a home network and then establish a connection between your TV and the net connection.

What all can I do on a smart TV?

The smart TV is still not ready with its different productivity functions like email and word processing. But other than that, it can give you a feel of a real computer. Your smart TV lets you browse the web, watch YouTube and even catch up on your social networking channels like Facebook. Some smart TVs like Samsung even offer Flash, meaning you can enjoy a better browsing experience.

One of the things that make smart TV exciting is the ability of watch video on demand. Companies like LG, Samsung and Panasonic offer a good selection of regular channels of music and sports that makes smart TV so much cooler.

Skype is another new application that is now available on smart TV. With just an addition of a webcam, you can now talk to your friends and family right from your TV.

How do smart TV apps work?

Just like your smartphone and PC, your smart TV also has a home page and lets you access all the different functions. You can also link to individual app stores to get exactly what you need. The applications that are available on smart TV at the moment are free, but be prepared to pay for apps in the future. Smart TV apps at the moment include games, internet radio, weather and entertainment.

How do I control the smart TV?

We have entered the touch enabled world, whether it is laptops or Smartphones. However, when your TV is mounted on a wall six feet away, touch becomes a bit hard, right? Smart TV manufacturers have come up with different methods for controlling your television. One of the best sellers in the market today is LG's Magic Motion remote. It acts like a Nintendo Wii-mote and enables you to naturally point at objects on the screen. This tool becomes very handy, when you are navigating pages.

Antivirus for Smart TV

Almost all connected TV products are at a risk for malware infections. As the smart TV connects to different devices it also becomes vulnerable to potential viruses and malware, making antivirus protection essential. However, there are a limited number of antivirus suites that give security to Smart TVs. Here are some top companies offering antivirus solutions for Smart TVs.

  • Avira antivirus
  • AT & T Internet Security Suite by McAfee
  • F-Secure

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