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The War of the Wearables: How Apple Watch Will Stack up Against Other Smartwatches?

Seemingly tech giants have fixated their eyes on your wrist as they are busy launching avant-garde wearable devices with galore tracking and gauging tools. Samsung, LG, Sony, ASUS and Motorola have already unfurled their smartwatches at IFA Berlin, 2014, and Apple is not far behind. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth has launched its first wearable device, a smart gear for your wrist this Tuesday September 9, 2014 – the much anticipated Apple Watch.

Apple Watch launched

And this means war: a war of wearable devices, battle of brands, platforms and hardware. Apple has launched three collections of Apple Watch – Watch, Watch Sport and 18-carat gold Watch Edition to match diverse “stylistic preferences”. Despite distinct designs in bands and cases, these three editions feature a square case with sapphire glass with a rotating digital crown, swappable bands, wireless charging, contextual notifications and alert, health and fitness sensors. Every edition of Apple Watch will come in different sizes (38MM and 42MM) and six swappable straps such as a leather loop, a leather buckle, a vibrant sport band, and an adjustable stainless steel strap. Apple Watch will support only an iPhone 5 and of higher version. The device is also made to resist the splashes of water when you wash your face; however, you better remove it before diving in the pool. Though stylish, sporty and elegant design may captivate users, but Apple’s smartwatch couldn’t promise any innovation that any other current smartwatch has not have to offer. Hence, to understand the odds of Apple’s winning or loss on the smartwatch front, we have screened new smartwatches which debuted at IFA Berlin 2014. Let us see who’s going to win the race… and your wrist eventually.

Sony SmartWatch 3 and Sony Smartband Talk

Since Sony pioneered IP certified waterproof and shockproof devices, SmartWatch 3 will definitely be a top pick of athletes who prefer a rugged and tough smartwatch. SmartWatch 3, the first Android powered smartwatch, features interchangeable plastic straps and sporty design, a 1.6-inch display [though the chunky, no-frill mini-smartphone look is not going to enchant you for sure]. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, Sony SmartWatch 3 has built-in pedometer, heart-rate monitor, and a built-in GPS and Bluetooth enabled music playing capacity so that you can use it without a smartphone – a big leap from SmartWatch 2. But, Sony also has another smartwatch for not-so-fitness-enthusiasts: Sony SmartBand Talk. With IP68 certified, Sony SmartBand Talk it will let you talk and fulfill your tracking needs without needing a phone to sync with. 

Samsung Gear S

Touted as the best for connectivity, Samsung Gear S is powered by Tizen operating system [yes, it doesn’t load Android if you thought]. Samsung has made a distinct niche by stuffing an onboard 3G modem into Gear S. Hence, you no longer need to be tied to your smartphone to use Internet enabled features and feeds. Not only 3G, Gear S also Wi-Fi enabled to let you save your mobile data and alternate between Wi-Fi and 3G, when required. Other notably smart features of this smartphone include a 4GB storage, 2-inch squared curved screen to snug your wrist with 320x320 display. Being a Tizen-based watch, Samsung Gear S will be launched with 1000 bespoke apps such as Here for Gear [especially designed to help pedestrians, not car drivers, navigate. The device also relieves users from the hassles if searching for their cars in and around unfamiliar streets.    

LG G Watch R

Its 1.3-inch, round screen blends in fancy timepiece design with state-of-the-art wearable tech functionalities. Similar to Motorola 360, this smartwatch could look like any other large analogue watch, but if you look closely you will notice good viewing angles on its OLED display on this Android Wear powered smartwatch. The LG G Watch R packs in long battery life [two days of battery after single charge if you have reduced brightness] and an easy-to-use charging adapter.  

Moto 360

Much like LG G Watch R. Moto 360 boasts of a classic circular design and with hands for hours and minutes that no other smartwatch have to offer or stun, in any case. With this being said, Moto 360 has the best of both worlds – the elegance looks of traditional timepiece with the smart utility of wearable device. With a mélange of metallic shine, Gorilla Glass and Android Wear platform, Moto 360 has a round 1.56-inch screen, a 0.43-inch body, and a removable leather band. Different ‘face’ of watch face, a notifications face, a watch face/notification combo face, activities face, a pedometer face and a Google Voice "say something" face deliver to your different expectations from this device. The smartwatch will work with smartphones running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and higher versions via Bluetooth. Do not disconnect the watch from the synced smartwatch as it won’t alert you of calendar events and appointments.                   

ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch is the first of the smartwatch bandwagon of ASUS and the first Android Wear powered smartwatch. Idea for the budget-conscious buyers, this ASUS ZenWatch flaunts a tan leather strap unlike most other smartwatches. ZenWatch is based on Android Wear software as well as ASUS’s own Zen interface. Under its handcrafted, layered design, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2Ghz, 512MB of RAM and 4GB onboard storage. You can pair it with a Smartphone using ASUS’s ZenWatch app or an Android Wear app. On pairing, you can cover the phone to silence a call, snooze alarms, use the device as a remote to regulate the camera on the paired smartphone and also use its customizable double-tap feature. This water-resistant Android Wear-based wearable is a good inexpensive option to experiment your penchant for smartwatch before you device to pay for exorbitant price tags of its pricey contenders. Moreover, swiping and tapping through ASUS ZenWatch is not so fairly convenient and quick, if not smooth. It also includes a heart-rate monitor, a lever to change straps easily and a charging cradle.

With ample of innovation, style and elegant looks, protection, software and hardware, battery and convenient charging capacities, price variations – these existing players will be strong contenders of Apple Watch in smartwatch arena. What do you think of Apple’s odds of market dominance in wearable tech? Drop your comments now! 

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