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Three headphones that sounds hot and looks hotter!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of headphones? Is it comfort, quality, portability or predominantly the look? Headphones have come a long way from being mere portable music gear to something that makes a style statement, without compromising on the quality.

Here are top three headphones that are portable, give great sound clarity and are hugely attractive. Each of these headphones use earpieces with a supra aural design, making the earpad sit on the ear, instead of around it and in turn making the headphone more compact and travel friendly. The best part is, all three earpads are designed to block outside noise to a certain degree. Also, each model gives a good warranty and replaceable cables.

RHA SA950i

If you are looking for a high quality and attractive looking headphone at a comparatively low price, then RHA SA950i is definitely going to meet your expectations. The headband and earpads have leather like texture and comes with glossy black earpieces.

The SA950i headphone has a three button, Apple style inline remote and microphone module that makes controlling music and taking calls quite simple. The fabric wrapped cable holds the left earpiece in place by a standard 3.5mm mini plug. Though it is void of any additional frills like carrying bag or case, RHA does give a 3-year warranty.

If we talk about comfort, SA950i does its job well. However, one of the disadvantages is the less tight fit of this headphone that does not block noise completely. The sound quality offered by this headphone is quite commendable. High frequencies are distinct, though they lack the treble reproduction that is generally found in high-end models.

Skullcandy Navigator

Donít get confused by the name ĎNavigatorí. Skullcandy Navigator is one of the best-looking headsets out there. The Navigator features sunglass lens like earpieces and are available in solid black, white, semi-transparent pink or blue. No matter, what color you pick, it comes with a color-matched headband. The cable of this headphone attaches to the left earpiece with a 2.5mm 90-degree plug that fits into a recessed port. The earpads come in a leather texture with a mesh grille on the inside. You can even fold these headphones like sunglasses into a smaller shape that snuggly fits in the drawstring carry bag that is inclusive of the package.

Skullcandy provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and even a one year accident warranty.

As for the fit, the Navigator is tight enough to block most of the external noise, but for some users it may be a bit uncomfortable. Our advice, check it out first and then buy. The earpads are extremely soft, so no, it does not hurt your ears in any way. The remote of this headphone includes raised hints that make each of the three buttons easy to locate and even activate.

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

If you donít mind paying a little on the higher end, then Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones gives design, comfort and sound to make you smile all through.

At a glance, P3 more or less looks and feels the same as P5. But in this headset, you will not find the luxurious leather and settle for an attractive cloth and rubberized plastic. However, P3 is available in blue along with white and black. Even the earpieces are small, but you will not find yourself complaining about that. The other components of this headphone remain the same as with P5. B&W also gives a two year warranty on this headphone. P3 gives you fit and finish, but donít compare the sound quality with P5. It just does not match up.

So, if you are looking for something more refined and detailed, it is best to go for P5.

The Verdict

Of the three models mentioned here, RHA SA950i is not perfect, but for just $60, it is good deal. The Skullcandy Navigator looks fabulous, but only go for it over SA950i is you are completely committed to bass. Bowers & Wilkins looks great, but sounds crowded, closed in and highly bassy. Either go for P5 if you donít mind the price or SA950i is a better choice.

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