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Top 5 Free Online Tax Preparation Services

Are you getting ready to file your income tax for this year, but looking for that one person to help you out. Now you don’t need to pay anything extra, while preparing your taxes. Thanks to the different free online services available, filing your taxes online is very easy.

Here are the top 5 free online tax preparation services for filing your taxes.

  1. Free FileFree File is one of the most popular online tax preparation service that provides referrals absolutely free. IRS provides the listing and Free File only displays companies and services that meet the IRS standards for e filing.

    Eligibility: If you want to use Free File services, your total income has to be $58,000 or less. There are some companies, which also provide services with specific age ranges or people residing in particular states.

    This free tax e filing service is perfect for basic tax return filing. If you have a small business or need to file a more complicated return, you have to give some additional charges.

  2. TaxACTLooking for simple, easy and fast e filing of taxes, TaxACT is the answer. The free online tax preparation software offers free online federal tax preparation with a number of benefits to help you. Some of the attractive benefits include a worksheet to help you fill out the FAFSA or even an option to get refund in your savings bonds. This free online tax preparation software can also help you import data from prior returns, even if they were prepared with some other software. TaxACT includes all tax forms that IRS provides as a fillable PDF.
  3. Fill your own PDF formsIf your tax filing is simple and you have some basic understanding in filing taxes, you can take the benefit of filling out your own tax forms using the Fillable PDF versions of standard forms available via Free File.

    You can check out the different forms available and select as per your requirements. You will also find many forms have calculations built in, so that calculations become automated. With these forms, you can e-file for federal taxes absolutely free. There are no income, age or state restrictions with these forms.

  4. H&R BlockAnother great free online tax preparation service for tax submission is H&R Block. You can seek free help from one of their tax professionals in case of an audit. H&R Block free online version includes e-filing at the federal level. However, if you are going for the state level it will cost $27.95.

    H&R Block is providing free in person tax preparation with very simple taxes; i.e. you have no dependents, mortgage or any other deductions. In addition, your income needs to be under $100K. All you need to do is just go to any of their offices and they will file your federal taxes absolutely free.

  5. TurboTaxTurboTax is one of the smart ways to take the stress out of your tax filing. This free edition tax program covers the most basic tax situations and gives features like error-checking, access to live chat and even guaranteed biggest refund as paid versions. If you feel your taxes are a bit complicated, you can always move to the paid version.

    Only federal taxes and filing are included in the free edition. The state tax filing requires a sum of $27.95. Also, note that the free version does not include schedules C, D, E or F. So, if you are telling the software you require these things, you will be prompted to upgrade.

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