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Top 5 Gadgets To Accompany Your Business Travel!

Not sure of the availability and reliability of a secure Internet connection, compatible printer for your devices and data storage options while on the go? Carry your own portable business travel gadgets yourself! Sounds impractical, does it? Check out the list below to see this is not only practical but also the smartest thing to do…

iStorage datAshur Personal Data Storage Gadget

Traveling light is ideal; this doesn’t mean that you leave behind this important travel gadget and repent every bit later. Though it sounds bulky, this is actually a very handy and portable option. Portable and simple to use data storage gadgets make traveling fun and worry-free.  You can stuff it up with all your important files – documents, images, videos, audio tracks and so on and relax about misplacing or losing a file. iStorage datAshur Personal almost resembles a flash drive but is in reality 100% more secure, reliable and ‘trendy’ to carry and use. To access it, you will need to furnish the correct username and password. Even if you lose it, your data remains tightly secure.

Travel Router

To have a reliable and trustworthy Internet connection while you are traveling can be tricky. So, add the name of a travel router in your travel check list and remember to take it along every time you are traveling. Top router brands such as Netgear, D-Link, TRENDnet, etc. offer you different models in this category – each provides you a secure wireless way to connect to the Internet without worrying about online safety issues.

Lantronix xPrintServer: Mobile Printing Server

Definitely, you can walk down to the nearest printer while you are in office; imagine having to take ‘that urgent printout’ while you are in a hotel lobby or waiting at the airport lounge! Scary, isn’t it? On your next trip, do not forget to carry along a mobile print server that perfectly works with most printer brands. xPrintServer is not only a handy option but is also compatible with iOS devices and the size and weight of this gadget is that of a standard smartphone.

Here’s the catch:

  • To use it, you don’t need any app or software!
  • You also do not require e-mailing the documents and printing thereafter!
  • You also do not need specific printers to print your files!

Lantronix xPrintServer prints directly from the iOS native menu and detects the nearest printer instantly. Plug it into your travel router and print all you want.

The North Face battery-powered backpack

This looks like your ordinary backpack; but in reality it is much more powerful and capable of holding your entire world… well, almost! The North Face backpack is a backpack, USB port holder cum charger, laptop bag and much more all rolled into one. So, when it comes to charging your smartphone, your tablet or any other USB-powered gadget, you needn’t go looking for a power source – you have all of that right in your versatile backpack. Now you know why this is better than your tiny battery bank!

Portable Notebook Lock

Last but certainly not the least, travelers also have to worry about thieves on the prowl – not just online predators but also the real ones who look for the slightest opportunity to get hold of your valuable gears. With a notebook lock with you, you really can heave a sigh of relief especially in crowded places. Kensington offers different products for your different gears – laptops, notebooks, iPads and so on.

So, with these 5 gadgets on you, you are ready to go. Enjoy a successful business trip…

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