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Top 5 Websites for Women Entrepreneurs!

International Women’s Day is here and gives the perfect reason to give a big salute to all women who fought against it all and made the cut. The woman of today is enterprising, fearless and ready to take risks. Hence, we can say every woman is an entrepreneur in her own way.

Here are top 5 websites that help each woman find the entrepreneur in her.

Chic CEO

If you have a plan on mind and are looking for the fuel to get it started, this is one online portal you just can’t afford to miss. There are different categories in the website that help you start a business, finalize the last details of starting up, the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider while starting up and so on. The website also shares with you vital information on copyright, patenting, franchise etc. and if you are an elite member of the Chic CEO club, you can also get yourself enrolled for monthly trainings that the company provides to budding start-up owners. While you are browsing through this site, do not miss to check out the online tools such as image-sharing platforms, social networking portals, and plug-and-play tools to aid you in running your business.

The Boss Network

Women entrepreneurs have not only to worry about successfully running the business, they also have expand their network, connect with like-minded people, learn about a lot of mistakes without committing them, themselves, and also to learn the tricks of the trade. Well, even male startup owners have to go through this; however, women have to do this in their own ‘womanly’ way and even compete with the men. So, naturally, a little help and words of advice from veterans in the industry could work wonders. This is where The Boss Network steps in! From daily blogs on personal experiences to handy tricks on preparing for success and failure – you can get all of these and much more on this portal.

Ladies Who Launch

For your small business setup, you need continual inspiration to run it and excel in the industry. Trust Ladies Who Launch to provide you these and more. It is an online platform replete with information that you can tap as a business owner. Depending on the city you are located in, you can explore the events calendar updated here and make the best use of the workshops that are regularly held. Also, you can utilize its repository of advertising campaigns that it can customize for you – e-mail campaigns, social media campaigns and so on… You could even opt for its partnership packages and show it to the world what you own – skill, knowledge, accomplishments!

She Takes on the World

Everything that you need to know about starting up a venture is articulately compiled and displayed on this site through the various posts that it has. From information on how you could start up to the influence that networking and advertising can have on your venture to the real-value of money – it is all here and very evidently held up for you. You can even look up to this site for expert advice on money talks and read about real-life experiences that real women entrepreneurs have been through while they were themselves starting up.

Startup Princess

Fondly frequent this site if you are interested in browsing through a complete directory of successful women entrepreneurs, tools that can help you earn big bucks in your industry, collaborate with like-minded women and perhaps also veterans in your field, and also learn from others and share your experiences as well. This is the perfect platform to find your ‘Godmother’ – the portal provides you consultation services and helps you utilize your resources and tools like none else. Startup Princess also owns a database of text and video-based content that you can explore for tips to efficiently turn your small office into a grand one.

So, while you are testing waters with your startup or you are still planning to take the step bang on, do not miss to browse through these portals that have especially been designed for women business owners like you. Check it out and do not miss to let us know which one you found the best mentor…

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