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Top Travel Apps to Tour Hassle-Free Around the World

If hotel rooms, vacation houses, or airport lounges are your second homes and your suitcase filled with basic necessities are your continual companions, then you cannot give these five tech tools a miss. Here are top travel apps to alleviate the stress and hassle of traveling to make more room for comfort and fun. Keep these top apps handy to keep a one-touch tab on all the information and services you need including flight tickets, hotel booking, car rentals, weather updates, foreign currencies, language and other hassles.

Skyscanner (iOS and Android)

Skyscanner is the staple travel app among flyers and vacationers. A perfect app to stay updated of current deals on domestic and international flights. Skyscanner has a vast database of flight details which range from major and cheaper airlines and to charter fleets. On spotting an appropriate deal, you can directly book the flight right from the app itself. Apart from flights, Skyscanner also compares and presents the best deals and options available in car hires and accommodations for your vacations. And it is free for download from Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store – then, why pay hefty on travel agents’ fees?

Hailo (iOS and Android)

Why take the hassle of searching for car rental agencies in real-time, when you can get it booked and signed well in advance from your current location? And that’s why you need this small car hire assistant at your fingertip – Hailo app. This travel app does the best in riddance of hassles in booking cars in foreign cities and countries. Hailo allows travelers to search for and book cars at the best bargains and get the car ready when you need to embark on a journey in any city or country. The app also lets you track the car in real-time and figure out the time it takes to arrive at your destination. To save more on cheaper deals, you can make use of coupon codes offered by the app. Convenient payment modes, access to receipts and trip histories, easy recovery of lost or forgotten items, social media integration are a few more advantages of Hailo to help traveler travel hassle free.

TripAdvisor offers multiple apps for both iOS and Android device users; these include TripAdvisor for Mobile, TripAdvisor for Tablet, Offline City Guides, SeatGuru, GateGuru and the thefork. Every app of TripAdvisor is designed to meet different needs of a traveler.

TripAdvisor for Mobile and TripAdvisor for Tablet

Optimized to varying screen sizes and resolutions of smartphone and tablet devices, While TripAdvisor for Mobile and tablet offer perfect travelling assistant to get hotel reviews and photos on all types of accommodations with minute details in accommodation, rating, food, maps and other important information. What’s more? You can find information on any hotel from anywhere even when your mobile internet is down or offline.

Offline City Guides

The Offline City Guides is an all-encompassing travel guide that provides free access to information of all popular cities you may want to explore. Starting from restaurants and eateries, tourist attractions, self-guided tours, hotel accommodations to nightlife – Offline City Guides covers it all. If you are searching for a dedicated app for restaurant information, the ‘thefork’ is just right for you. From checking and comparing prices on restaurant s or booking a table at your favorite restaurant – ‘thefork’ is the best you can get.

SeatGuru and GateGuru

Are you worried about the flight seats and flight status updates as the dates are nearing? Get SeatGuru on your smartphone or tablet to find details on seat map, photos and flight status. Similarly, GateGuru keeps you informed of airport maps, unique travel tips, weather updates and forecasts, and flight status all the time.

Along with these travel apps, we also recommend you to install Google Translate to lower the language barriers and problems and HiConverter to convert anything such as foreign currency, electric current, volume, temperature, tip calculator, gas prices, clothing sizes, and many more. 

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