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Track your Kids

One of the biggest nightmares for any parent is their kid going missing. Tracking your kids’ location is no longer about snooping, but making sure, they are safe. More than 1,315,000 children under 18 years of age go missing every year. That is 3,604 children missing every day. Scary?

How can you make sure this does not happen to you? Check out the different ways by which you can track your kids and make sure they return home safely, every time they walk out of that door.

GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS trackers are a perfect way to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts, no matter where they are. GPS trackers work on your Mac, Windows PC or even on your Smartphone. This little device will give you an updated and accurate location of your kid, along with history of where they have been recently.

GPS Trackers: What to Look For

Even though the technology behind a GPS tracker is quite sophisticated, its user interface is very simple and easy to use. You can set up a GPS tracker for kids in your child’s backpack, and then you just need a PC or smartphone to monitor where they are.


GPS tracker features should include a monitoring software for your PC and even a smartphone app. It should also have an intuitive interface and maps, so that the alerts you get, show exactly where your kid is. You should also keep a lookout for the battery life, especially when the monitoring extends to most of the day.


When it comes to tracking your kid, you should be able to set up alerts, informing you at designated intervals the location of your kid. The details should include geographical location, the speed of the device they were traveling in. You can also check out some additional features like geo-fencing. This feature in a GPS tracker for kids gives you an alert if your kid travels outside the agreed upon zone.

Top 5 GPS Trackers

Check out the top 5 GPS trackers for kids.

  • Spark Nano
  • Zoombak Advanced A-GPS
  • Amber Alert GPS
  • Garmin GTU 10
  • iTrail

5 Apps to keep your kids safe

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, then these 5 apps are your best pick to keep your kids safe, once they are out of sight.

BI Child ID App

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has come up with a new way to protect your kids. The BI Child ID App for iPhone and Android users lets you store and password protect pics and important information about your kid. If your kid goes missing ever, you can quickly give these pics and required information to FBI.

Norton Safety Minder

One of the important things you need to do to track your kids is, knowing where they are and what they are doing. The Norton Safety Minder app is the right app to monitor the smartphone activities of your kid. You can view the sites visited by your kid, block specific sites or even select the types of sites they access. All you need to do is install this app on their smartphone.

Sex Offender Search

As parents, we constantly worry about sex offenders as our kids travel to unknown neighbourhoods. The sex offender search app by Life 360 is a free child safety app that lets you scan for sex offenders in any area. You can locate sex offenders, access criminal’s profiles and photos and even get automatic alerts with this app. The app also has other safety features that help you locate your kids’ location etc.

Family GPS Tracker

This is a free app from Family Safety Production. This GPS tracker app will give you the exact location of your kid and send you alerts when they are in trouble. However, your kid has to ‘accept’ being tracked by verifying a text.

iHound Phone & Family Tracker

This little app can do many things for you. This app has the ability to secure and keep track of your mobile phone or tablet and automatically check selected locations. You can track your kids’ whereabouts with the detailed location finder. You can also give the option of receiving an email once your kids reach their designated location, without your trying to call them or their friends.

When your kid goes missing….

What we have read so far are different apps and software that can prevent a child from going missing. However, what to do if a child goes missing?

SecuraChild is a website that uses social media to spread the word, when a child goes missing. This website uses all different means of communication like social networks, email, texts to send an alert whenever a child is reported to go missing through the website.

Parents have to go to the website and register their kids free. The parents need to fill in information like physical characteristics, medical conditions, photos and videos. All details are completely secure. When a child goes missing, the parent just needs to go to the website and enter where the kid was last seen and other details. They need to activate a Community Response Alert. The information along with the kid’s profile is sent out to thousands of people including SecuraChild followers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.

SecuraChild is free for parents to use and create profiles for their kids.

CEO Chris Holbert says, “If your child goes missing, it is nearly, if not totally, impossible to remain calm. Unlike other services that exist today, SecuraChild is free for parents to use to create profiles for their children, and we broadcast the notification they send us when their child is missing to Facebook, Twitter and our members to create a vast network of searchers in seconds. By using SecuraChild parents can crowd source thousands of willing parents and child protection networks to mobilize a search party quickly as every minute counts.”

We really hope that you never have to experience anything like this but having technology tools to help and protect your kids all the time is very helpful.

Before My Kid Goes Missing...(Infographic)


Share with us other tools that you find useful to keep your kids safe and secure online.

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