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Useful, pragmatic & innovative – The Opera15 is here to stay

Till a few years back a browser like Opera was an absolute Utopia. It then became a reality – a revolution, which redefined the web browsing experience. It took away the pain of juggling with the traditional web browsers attached to the ISPs. With Opera all your information and browsing needs were just a click away.

However, with the advent of Firefox and Google Chrome, the demand for Opera took a backseat. Once the most sought after browser in the 90s, Opera had to face stiff competition and gradually began to lose its sheen. But as the law of nature has it, the art of leadership lies in leading and not in being led – Opera has made a comeback with its new avatar – Opera 15.

So what could possibly make you opt for Opera 15? Let’s explore…

The utilitarian design

While it might take some time for the Opera 15 to carve a niche among the users of its older version, the new simple yet user-friendly interface is surely a great bait. The old features have made way for a sleek and practical browser, which even displays the erstwhile undisclosed aspects like downloads and browsing history. Design seems to be the base of the new iteration.

The browsing experience has been further enhanced as it does not route your query directly to Google. It does throw open options of other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia, which once again store huge amount of information. This makes the browsing session more pragmatic and diverse.

The new Opera 15 browser is driven by intuition. It may not come across as a very busy or traffic-intense page but the features prompt you to stay hooked.

Presto makes way for Blink

Opera 15 will make use of Blink as its rendering engine instead of the age-old Presto. Blink is just like a WebKit or in other words a spin-off of the Webkit being developed by Google. It is likely to emerge as an innovative model minus the weaknesses of a WebKit. With Google spearheading the development process, the future of Blink is surely promising.

Blink addresses some of the key compatibility and navigation issues, which were once hampering the performance of Opera.

Watch out! You might mistake it for Google Chrome when it comes to the ease of compatibility.

Opera 15 is a HTML5 rich website, which works very well even with the usual problematic channels like WordPress, Gmail and Facebook.

With all the said attributes, Blink seems to be the perfect browsing partner, but given its infancy, its efficacy still needs to be proven and established.

The extended comfort

With Google Chrome’s rendering agent, Opera15 has also thrown open a number of extension possibilities, which were once a remote aspect with WebOS. Be it Buffer, Evernote or Pocket, Opera15 is coupled with some of the coolest tools to play with. Even commercial extensions are available for download.

Apart from the extensions, Opera15 has also inherited some functions like ‘Inspect Element’ from the Google Chrome, which makes it a viable and an intelligent choice for the web browsers. Adding to its list of features is the speed at which it rolls even in poorly connected areas. With its ‘Off-Road Mode’ it even works via new Google Internet Protocol, as a result, responding even in the remote rural areas.

So what’s your verdict?

It’s fast, it’s accessible and it can take care of all your browsing need. Hook on to the Opera 15 today, it is here to stay!

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