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Product Review: Vector Watches Enter the Wearable World with 30-Days Battery Life

Take your fondness for wearable devices to the next level; Vector, a new smartwatch brand from London is launching this summer!

Vector is making its entry into the ever-expanding wearable arena with two main models –Luna and Meridian. This is definitely going to intensify the battle already being fought between Android wear and Apple watch. The Vector wearable devices are coming across as the perfect picks for users looking for both style and robustness in their devices. Boasting all the styles of a classic watch, an easy-to-use interface and 30-days of battery life- these Vector branded devices are going to win the hearts of many out there.

If you have been looking out for something similar and have not yet got one, why not wait for a few more days to experience the best of all? Sure, Vector watches promise to be this and more. Read our detailed review to find out more about these two Vector products –Luna and Meridian:

Design and Style

The Luna, a round watch, and the rectangular Meridian flaunt the designs of a classic analogue watch –metal bodies and metal link, stitched leather or rubber straps. Not only this, if you are bored of wearing the same strap every day and want to bring some change to your looks, you needn’t worry; Vector lets you mix and match the straps as per your taste. With these devices on your wrist – you are definitely going to get the feel of the classic past.


The Luna and Meridian both are equipped with digital displays on monochrome.  This increases the contrast and therefore readability under harsh light, and definitely is better than the colored ones.  Monochrome display is also a major factor behind the claimed 30 days of battery life.

Other Specifications

These watches are equipped with all the functions that you would like to see in a full-fledged smartwatch. It has everything for you – from monitoring your fitness regimen (step, calorie and distance tracker, sleep tracker, etc,) to notifying you of incoming alerts and messages, upcoming calendar appointments and many more to name.  You can even customize the face of your watch as per your interest, using its app.  The only thing that may be a put off for you is that the faces of these watches are not touch-enabled, but this shouldn’t restrain you from flaunting the classiest gadget on your wrist.   Without the touch functionality, navigating around functions can be done using the three physical buttons given at the side of the watch. These watches will also include third-party apps which will definitely add value to the excitement.


Vector’s two main models -the Luna and the rectangular Meridian priced respectively at $349 and $199 are waterproof watches to a depth of 50 meters. These models are expected to go on global sale this summer from Vector’s own online store as well as selected local retailers. Overall, the brand is going to be a deadly competition for other wearable brands in the market. In fact, Vector’s promise to offer 30 days battery life through these two models is in itself a big thing; this should surely help the brand position itself well in the market.So, if at all you want to pamper yourself or your loved one with a smartwatch that looks classic and elegant and at the same time is modern and trendy, one pick from Venctor’s repertoire is what you need.

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