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Wait Before You Go Gaga Over the Google Photos

Google Photos, the latest app by Google has come as the replacement of Google+ Photos. The stand-alone Photos app is a free photo management app which offers unlimited storage for images and videos.

Read on to know the noteworthy features of the Google Photos app and why you should or in some cases should not use the Google Photos app too soon.

Storage and Backup

Google Photos app is free, offers unlimited cloud storage and is available both for Android and iOS devices along with a browser version.

It has one of the smartest photo backups. You can choose to share photos of your choice while you backup, while keeping other photos private at the same time. The app also gives you options to choose your preferred social media platform to share and post the photos quickly.

The Photos app provides unlimited storage for high resolution photos (16 MP or lesser) and videos (1080p or lesser), which is more than sufficient for many. But if you’re a professional or one interested in syncing larger images, you can face the problem as only 15GB of space is free that will be also shared with other Google services. In case one wants to use more space, a charge of $2-$200 a month can be levied upon you depending on the amount of storage you seek.

The Smart Search

Google gives a cognitive approach to the Photo’s search feature. The pictures saved in the app are organized in three categories-People, Place and Things.

While the photos with faces are clubbed under People, photos with geo-tagging go under Places. For other photos with no tagging it relies on the landmark guesses. The Things category spells the smart feature of the app. When you type in a word such as ‘tree’, the app will give all the photos with trees or related to it in the result.

But this interesting feature becomes a failure at times when the app gets confused between several things. Thus, finding the exact photo from the search result can turn out to be a tiring process. The app would have fared better if there had been an option of tagging, which would have made things easier to sort. Also, if you like to keep things your way, the inability to sort and organize pictures into albums and folders can be immensely missed by you.

It’s Still in the Making

The new app gives decent editing options for uploaded images. Here you can select an image and do the basic editing like cropping, adjusting lights and shades and use the filters for desirable effect. It would have been great if the app had retained the option to edit pictures online from its predecessor.

In spite of so many features of the app discussed above, you just can’t claim it to be the most trustworthy storage too soon when you already have various options like Flickr, DropBox, iCloud and OneDrive.

There is no need to get scared and steer away, but it is advisable to observe your compatibility with the new Photos app before you dump all images in one go. The Google+ Photos app is available till August 1, 2015 on Android, after which the images will be automatically migrated to the new Photos app.

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