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MWC 2015 Sneak Peak: What to Expect from Top 5 Brands!

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the most awaited for event of the year amongst mobile fans from all over the world.  At MWC 2014, we were introduced to many technically advanced smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and, tablets and smartwatches.  The year 2015 is expected to get bigger for MWC with already in the news gadgets, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and many others, smartwatches and wearables making their debuts.

Scheduled for 2-5 March in Barcelona, MWC 2015 has a lot to reveal.  While thereís still some time for the event to begin, letís take a sneak peak at what the top 5 brands are planning to surprise you with:


Samsung is known for its cutting-edge technology based gadgets. It wonít certainly let you down this time as well. At the MWC 2015, it is expected to announce the Galaxy S6, which youíve all been waiting for. The Korean Company that made zero announcements on mobile at CES 2015, is not going to end this event with just one product, instead, it is likely to come out with many other devices, such as Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 mini and so on. While Samsung is all set to rule the smartphone industry, itís also expected to challenge brands like Motorola, LG and others on the wearable gadget front with a round wireless charging enabled smartwatch named ĎOrbisí.  


Like Samsung, Sony also didnít announce much at the CES. Nonetheless, rumors of unveiling of the Xperia Z4 continued to do the rounds at the event. It came out with Xperia Z3 at IFA in September 2014 and MWC is expected to be its next platform for the announcement of a Z4 range, which can include Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z4 Compact.  At the same time, it wouldnít be surprising if it announces a new tablet as well. Also, most probably, it can introduce new wearable products in its SmartWear range, following the launch of SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk in 2014.


LG used the CES platform to make big announcements. It announced LG G Flex 2 at the CES event; so, itís unlikely that the company will reveal its subsequent launches at the MWC. Even then, it is expected to come out with a lot more in Barcelona and to begin with, it might reveal the classic version of the LG G Watch R at the event.  The wearable smartwatch from LG has been designed with a classic look featuring a metal body and stitched leather strap. So, if you are fond of smartwatches, then this is something you can add to your kitty.


Microsoftís participation at the MWC hasnít been very consistent. This year, it is expected to come out with its Lumia Flagship Ė it can either be Lumia 1030 with a 6 trillion megapixel camera or the Lumia 940 with high-end performance. No wonder, fans are already queuing up for thisÖ

On the wearable front, we can either expect a full blow smartwatch or a wristband from Microsoft. The exciting part is that its wearable technologies are rumored to be able to support Android and iOS, besides of course Windows Phone, which could be a big deal for customers who do not favor any particular brand. What Microsoft is actually planning to surprise us with will only be revealed at the eventÖso, till then, letís wait for the event to start.


The Chinese vendor will be there at the MWC event. If sources are to be believed, the company is primarily focusing on the wearables and tablets at the MWC. It is most likely to avoid announcements for smartphones. As per sources, there would be three wearables appearing at the event in Barcelona. This would include an Android Wear Smartwatch that is expected to take add a whole new fashionable approach to this genre. We can also expect the firm to reveal a new tablet or tablets alongside the new wearables at the event.

With each passing year and advancement in technology, the products that are launched at the MWC event have got more powerful, bigger and budget-friendly. Competition in the mobile industry has reached its next level. Today, when every smartphone seems to deliver solid performance anyway, it has become difficult for consumers to find the best out of all. Almost every device stands out in its own way, but to be user centric, it has to be bold and different.  Letís wait and watch what MWC 2015 has for the gadget lovers.


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