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Why you should worry about the Instagram spambots

Have you heard about the latest Instagram spambots? No, they don’t offer you money or lure you with offers like they did the last time; they are rather friendlier this time around – they are posing themselves in front of your friends and acquaintances as you!

Sounds scary? Of course it does.

These Instagram spambots are now following the modus operandi in which they are posing as real humans with real names, profile pictures, photo captions and more. They are doing everything possible to disguise themselves as humans and carry on running the fake profiles without getting caught.

If you too have an account on Instagram and have of late noticed something fishy in your posts or in those of a friend’s or if your friends have been asking you lately about particular updates of yours – watch out…  you could have possibly walked over the laid trap.

Here’re some significant aspects related to the Instagram spambots that you ought to know…

  • Instagram accounts can be easily created and followers can be purchased in bulk, just as easily.
  • Followers can be bought for as low as $3.
  • This entire racket is a part of the black market that is freely thriving today.
  • If you too have unfortunately fallen prey to spambots, immediately raise the incident with Instagram.
  • You will have to prove your identity and thereafter the officials at the photo-sharing app will take the required action.

And now, here’s how you can know if there is something amiss in your Instagram account:

  • Fake accounts are typically recently created accounts.
  • They would be following thousands of profiles as opposed to only a few following them.
  • These numbers could be as eerie as following 100,000 as compared to only being followed by 3 people.
  • The updates that are posted in these accounts are an exact replica of the original posts – word to word.
  • This will mean tagging all friends and acquaintances all over again, as in the original post.

These should give you a clear hint about the mess. If you sense it, raise the incident instantly. Be safe and enjoy sharing your latest pictures…

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