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Contact Center Support Automation

Six years of experience and handling over 10 million service requests are baked into the code for automation and standardization of technical support services. The support cloud enables you to deliver round-the-clock tech support to customers through a multi-channel approach.

Customers can initiate the support process through various means including but not limited to phone calls, chat, email, apps, and social media. Standardize service delivery across multiple sites and offer technical support to customers through any touch point.

Support Automation

The Support Cloud analyzes the information and device intelligence collated by the Device Cloud. This analysis translates into automation of most commonly occurring tech support situations and on occasion opportunities to deliver preventive maintenance for digital devices, thereby delivering a better customer experience.

Repeatability, consistency and lower costs delivered through the Support Cloud enable companies to maintain efficient tech support operations.

Customer Lifecycle Management

The subscription management engine of the Support Cloud enables companies to build lifetime value with customers through continuous engagement. It also provides insights that help anticipate a customerís buying and support needs.

This is made possible by the interaction of the Support Cloud with the UX cloud to provide an amazing customer experience and the Device Cloud by providing contextual information about the customerís devices in real time.

Entitlement Management

The Support Cloud can also be used to manage customer entitlements. Intelligent entitlement verification and call

routing reduce the wait time for customers by eliminating the need for customers to repeatedly verify service entitlement.

Unified Agent Desktop

The Support Cloudís Unified Agent Desktop empowers support agents with all the necessary apps and tools in one place, which are required to deliver an incredible customer experience and at the same time improve contact center efficiency. This interface gives agents access to the knowledge base, customer profile, device profile and interaction history in a single view thereby providing better context and improving overall efficiency.

Case Management

The case assignment and escalation management tools of the Support Cloud are designed to ensure fast and effective resolution of service requests. This is made possible with customizable workflows that allow agents to collaborate and resolve tickets within the stipulated TAT.

Escalation and Routing

The Support Cloud can be configured to map service request to designated resources for effective resolution. If an agent isnít able to resolve a service request within the stipulated amount of time, the case can be escalated to a higher skilled resource with a single click on the case form. Escalation workflows can be configured to adapt to complex rule matrices.

Knowledge Management

A comprehensive knowledge management system forms the basis of driving a better customer experience while lowering costs. The support cloud contains a top of the line knowledge management solution which comes natively enriched with more than 83K support articles and 10K+ video solutions that cover a wide variety of tech support issues.

Case Collaboration

The Support Cloud enables a collaborative model of operation for support representatives to facilitate customer satisfaction. Multiple tech experts can work on a service request to work towards the solution by researching and using their respective skill-sets for solving problems. E.g. this capability can be leveraged to engage on-shore native language voice resources with inexpensive off-shore non-voice technically skilled resources to drive down service delivery costs while maintaining a great customer experience.

Knowledge Infused Support Automation

The Support Cloud facilitates the analysis of KB usage and new contributions. This helps in the identification of frequently used solutions which are then packaged as automated solutions. When directly pushed to a customerís device, in response to a service request, this provides the ultimate frictionless support experience.

Decision Tree to Assist With Issue Identification

The distinguishing feature of the support cloud is its native support automation capability. Agents are offered a decision tree, which through simple descriptors allows them to narrow down the issue. Once that is done, the agent is offered a sequence of steps to follow towards a resolution. Often this culminates in the agent pushing a script to the end userís computer, which automatically resolves 35-70% of the issues.

Deployment of Issue Based Scripts and Check Lists

Support Cloud consists of a repository of automated scripts and processes, which have been developed through analysis of issues most frequently reported by customers. This repository is constantly updated. Through this approach, the customerís support experience is consistent; repeatable and highly efficient. All this serves towards higher CSAT and NPS.

CTI Integration

Support Cloud offers a plug and play solution for contact centers through which existing telephony infrastructure can be easily integrated with the platform. The SaaS solution is compatible with most computers, digital devices, software, networking hardware, and other components, which makes it quick and easy to deploy and use.

Performance Management

Learning and development: Training of support specialists is powered by the virtualized learning and development module of the cloud hosted platform. Digital Service Cloud maps reported agent skills against agent performance reports to reveal gaps in learning and offers knowledge solutions through customized learning modules, quality enhancement programs, and different levels of certifications to ensure continuous skill upgrades.

Multi-Site/Multi-Vendor Management

Large organizations often need to deploy multiple contact centers across multiple sites to support customers. Delivering a consistent customer experience becomes a challenge in such situations. Digital Service Cloud provides a single platform to manage resource allocation and monitor performance across the board.

Field Services Integration

With Digital Service Cloud, you can deploy and on-site field force at as a turn-key service. Digital Service Cloud integrates with leading labor crowd-sourcing platforms to enable seamless delivery of on-site support for cases that require a physical presence at a customerís site.