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Device Monitoring and Management

As a part of the UX cloud, Support Dock not only delivers a friction less customer experience but it also conducts discovery and monitors the network of all connected devices.

This information is transmitted to the Device Cloud, thereby enabling the device intelligence engine to proactively monitor, maintain, and manage computers and other connected devices. Digital Service Cloud also enables companies to delivery MDM support.

Device Inventory and Network Mapping

Through the power of the device cloud, environment discovery of a customerís network can be conducted. This device intelligence aids support representatives in offering a more personalized customer experience. Knowing the hardware and software specifications of devices helps to connect customers to the right contact center resources that have the expertise to assist on a particular device thereby reducing the average handle time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Through this process of discovery and asset inventory, companies can also accurately assess the lifetime value of a customer.

Monitoring and Management

System alerts and software application event logs on a device are continuously tracked and analyzed against patterns that match a pre-defined problem. For specified groups of devices, policies are defined that preempt potential problems and provide an automated fix.

Pre-emptive Support Automation

The device cloud can push updates and remotely manage customer devices to deliver pre-emptive and roactive support. Moving away from a reactionary model of tech support, companies can lower costs while providing a better customer experience.


The device cloud enables companies to enroll, remotely configure and update device settings over the air, enforce security policies and compliance. The device cloud also secures all mobile access and can remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

Centralized Dashboard

TThe centralized dashboard of Digital Service Cloud offers a 360 degree view of customers for better support and management. This dashboard is highly customizable and can be configured to display metrics most relevant to your business