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Mobile Support Dock

Featuring an Intuitive UI for On-Demand Support and Managing Mobile Devices

The Mobile Support Dock app extends the feature of support dock to various mobile platforms, making it easier for customers to manage their mobile devices and get one-click tech support. It includes the following features:

Live Chat

Instant connect option to initiate a remote support session with a technician.

Push To Talk

Request an instant callback to avoid navigating phone menus and extended hold times.

Knowledge Base

Repository of technology related DIY solutions, videos, and guided tours, which have been developed on the experience of successfully handling 10+ million tech support requests.

Battery Status

A handy utility that provides detailed information about the battery. Useful tips are also offered on how to effectively manage the device battery.

Disk Status

View total amount of storage space on the mobile device and how much of that is available for use.

Device Health

This tool not only checks the total processes currently running on a device but also displays detailed information about the memory in use and by which apps.