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Real-time Sales Recommendation Engine

Create new revenue streams and increase profitability

With the commoditization of technology, all participants in the technology product supply chain have invariably come under immense margin pressure. While this has benefited customers through lower prices, the customer experience has suffered due to support request deflection and curtailment of product support offered by companies.

Through support automation, Digital Service Cloud lets companies to lower costs while improving customer satisfaction scores. It also enables companies to combat margin pressures through an integrated sales recommendation engine to upsell and cross-sell to customers. Companies can also offer turn-key premium tech support services for calls that are currently out of scope to generate recurring high-margin revenues.

Generate New Revenues

Out of scope call monetization

With eroding profit margins, fewer customer requests today are considered in-scope. While justified, this significantly contributes to customer unhappiness. An easy way to improve CSAT and NPS is to offer premium tech support services through Digital Service Cloud and accommodate customer requests.

Product Catalog

The Revenue Cloud allows companies to create configurable product catalogs and options to easily upsell and cross-sell to customers. It also offers integrated subscription management, e-commerce and unified billing capabilities to handle the purchase process and track accounting details such as invoicing.

Integration of 3rd party apps and services

The Revenue cloud can also integrate with apps and services allowing companies to discover new sources of profit from distribution of 3rd party products through the UX cloud.

Lifetime Opportunity Monetization

Predictive Analytics

Subscriber management systems typically track the number of devices sold but do not provide visibility about other devices that the customer owns. Hence, a company is unable to leverage replacement cycle information or foresee potential value added services that the customer is likely to purchase. From the Device cloud and the Support cloud, a fair amount of information regarding the customers’ usage habits, asset ownership, and support needs is aggregated. Using predictive analytics for the Revenue cloud, companies can segment customers based on these criteria and target them with effective marketing campaign and customized offers to maximize their revenue potential.

Incremental Revenue Streams

Real-Time Sales Recommendation Engine

The Revenue Cloud delivers the power of asset intelligence sourced from the device cloud and combines that with the power of analytics on your existing silo of customer information to glean the lifetime pportunity potential of the customer. The real time sales recommendation engine contextualizes real time information from the device cloud to assist the agent in upselling or cross-selling by providing actionable information.

Online Retail Platform

Revenue Cloud’s turnkey online commerce platform can be used to set up an online retail portal with integrated payment gateway options and billing capabilities to handle the purchase process. When used in conjunction with the real-time sales recommendation engine, during the support process this can be used to facilitate relevant cross-sell opportunities by allowing customer to examine the product online and make the purchase directly.