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Self Help Portal

Enable your customers to help themselves.

As per a report by Forrester, consumers are increasingly looking for avenues for self-support before they reach out for assistance. Vendors that introduced online self-help options for customers have experienced up to 6% reduction in support call volume.

Leverage Digital Service Cloud’s self-help portals, which can be white-labeled and customized, to deliver an optimal tech support experience through DIY solutions, videos, guided tours of products, and a ticket management system. This allows you to deflect a part of your support volume while empowering your customers with tools they need to help themselves.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of Digital Service Cloud is built on the experience of successfully resolving 10+ million service requests. Empower your customers with a constantly evolving 83,000+ strong KB and 10,000+ video self-help solutions. This content is continuously updated, with an average addition of 300 new video solutions each month.

Multi-Platform Access Points for Self-Help

Customer preferences for using different platforms for tech support have evolved in the past few years. No matter which touch point they choose, our self-help solutions have got them covered with mobile, social, and web-based apps. The self-help portals can be accessed through Support Dock for mobiles and the TechGenie social and desktop apps.

View and Manage Device Inventory

Through a single dashboard, users can get details about their computers, connected digital devices, and other networking components. This enables customers to better manage their device inventory.

Initiate Support Requests

Digital Service Cloud offers a centralized solution through which customers can create, track and manage support requests. Whenever customers need assistance, all they need to do is just log in to the dashboard and raise a service request.

Track Support Requests

Digital Service Cloud makes it easy for customers to track their service requests. By accessing their account online, they can know the expected time of resolution and the latest status of tickets raised by them.

Add and Manage Users of the Portal

Business customers can easily add and manage users of the portal by configuring the access control options through the admin view of the portal.