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Social and Community Tech Support

Listen, analyze and engage with your customers on social media platforms. Take control of conversations customers are having about you or with you by streaming these conversations to your case queue, where you can respond through your traditional channels. Deliver a collaborative tech support experience to your customers through the TechGenie app which customers can use to get assistance from friends or connect with one of your reps if needed.

Reinvent Support & Engagement for the Social Customer

Digital Service Cloud extends the superior frictionless tech support experience to social platforms through the TechGenie app. This one of a kind tech support platform extends its capabilities to social media platforms for collaborative support.

Share and collaborate -Anywhere, Anytime

The TechGenie app, while borrowing heavily from the features of the UX cloud, also introduces the concept of collaborative support into the mix. Using TechGenie, customers can seek tech support assistance from friends or they can reach out to a tech support professional through the same app. TechGenie enables users to share their desktop screen with friends and family; view, manage or secure remotely connected PCs; and collaborate with others over the Internet for support.

Listen, Analyze and Engage

Online Reputation Management Track & Manage Customer Mentions: Digital Service Cloud tracks online brand presence and raises alerts when your brand is mentioned in specific contexts and initiates automated actions when required.