The World's Most Powerful Service Platform

Service CRM to Manage Connected Customers
and Drive Adoption for IoT

Drive revenue generation in your service centers, extend customer lifecycle management and turn customers into brand advocates. Service CRM is a full power
functionality that allows you to deliver a superior service experience for today’s connected customers from anywhere, anytime, on any device. The CRM
makes it easy to manage customer information, spend less time handling data and more time with customers.

Engage Customers Anywhere, Anytime

revenue-cloudFrom initiating a remote session through a single click, or connecting via voice, chat, social media, online form or email, get the flexibility you need to provide integrated services and IoT solutions to your customers across multiple touch-points and channels.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer-Lifecycle-ManagementService CRM offers an elaborate and detailed set of tools and applications that monitor and manage customer demographics, behavior and IoT technology adoption during a customer’s entire lifecycle. This enables you to ensure long term relationships and customer retention resulting in customer buy-in into multiple products and services.

Customer Facing Mobile and Desktop Apps

Mobile and desktop apps are central to the frictionless customer support experience that the centralized IoT platform delivers to customers. An on-device multi-function software tool-set offers instant access to support to your customers, by using single click solutions.

Self Help Portals

Deflect a part of your support volume while empowering your customers with tools they need to help themselves by leveraging self-help portals, which can be white-labeled and customized. Deliver an optimal tech support experience through DIY solutions, videos, guided tours of products, and a ticket management system.

Knowledge Base

revenue-cloudBuilt on the experience of successfully resolving 13.5+ million service requests across 500 technologies, the platform lets you empower your connected customers with a constantly evolving 83,000+ strong KB and 10,000+ video self-help solutions.

Create New Revenue Streams and Increase Profitability

Digital Service Cloud makes intelligent use of the vast amounts of data it collects, unifying IoT-driven tasks into a common service platform, and delivers a new layer of customer intelligence that drives new revenue generation and business growth.

Pre-emptive Support Automation

Realize cost reductions and
lower AHT through automated solutions for top call drivers. The platform remotely manages devices to deliver pre-emptive support.

Real-Time Sales Recommendation Engine

revenue-cloudCombine the power of analytics with asset intelligence to glean the lifetime opportunity potential of customers.


A Universal User Interface for the Internet of Things

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IoT’s Extreme Innovation: A New Service Architecture

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IoT: The New Customer Opportunity for Telecom Companies

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