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iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Reviews on How Browser Fraud Works

iYogi helps you to prevent money grabbers, that are indirectly a part of browser fraud. One of the most commons types of fraud on the Internet is browser fraud. If the computer is affected by browser fraud, then as soon as the user log in to the Internet, the browser will automatically redirect itself to some unauthorized site. These frauds are often done to convince people to buy certain items. Alternatively, the fraud might be used to redirect computer users to certain advertising sites online. For instance, malware producers use browser fraud to block antivirus and antispyware sites that might indirectly help a computer user to get rid of the fraudulent software. Read More...

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Joe Scott, Memphis

21 Mar, 2013

I never thought anything like browser fraud also exists. Thanks to iyogi who is taking the responsibility to make people aware of different types of scams and frauds. This review by iyogi is certainly an eye opener for all those who blindly trusts online fraud scams.

Kara Ploss

26 Nov, 2012

Once I was just browsing my spam mails, I come across a mail with subject line stating get attractive deals on latest gadgets. I got allured by the offer and clicked on the link that was given below the mail. I was taken to a website that look suspicious, i instantly closed the site. However, after that incident whenever i opened any other site, i was redirected to the same site. I googled and came across the single incident support offered by iyogi. I decided to give it a try and called the given toll free number. The tech guy diagnosed the issue and get it recitified within half an hour. In fact, it was a malware that was causing the problem. Thanks iyogi for the timely help.

Marisa Howell

15 Nov, 2012

Got ditched by a Canadian girl. Meet her through a dating website. We got along well. Helped her with money and other stuff. One day I found that my friend is also dating her. She was coning both of us. When I asked her about this, she disconnected the phone and blocked her number. She also deleted her account from that website. She seemed to be a professional con artist…

Gina Ashley

8 Nov, 2012

Now this is another one! Huh! browser fraud… scamsters think of all unique ways to scam people… thank you iyogi reviews for bringing this information across.. it has helped me and will surely help many others as well…

Kevin Harry

6 Nov, 2012

While surfing internet to kill time, I landed on iYogi reviews. I was not aware of browser fraud… this review helped me gain quality information on how browser fraud works and what tips should I follow to protect my online identity… good site… very helpful… I've bookmarked the site for future reference…

Jackie Tony

30 Oct, 2012

I thought iyogi only gave exceptional tech support. I was not aware that iyogi also helps in creating user awareness. Like Diana, I was also not aware about browser fraud. But after reading iyogi reviews I am getting goose bumps. Every day scammers are devising new ways to scam innocent people. Someone please stop them!

Michelle Kendrick

24 Sep, 2012

It's very nice of iyogi to educate common people like me about the various fruads including the iyogi fraud. The first thing when I switch on my laptop is to visit your website and read your latest articles on various online scams and frauds. This has helped me a lot in avoiding and preventing myself from becoming a victim of such a scam. I daily receive mails like this in my inbox. But thanks to iyogi that I dont even open them, i delete them by just having a look at the subject line. Keep on posting such informative piece of articles.

Marcus S

19 Sep, 2012

I had a nightmare experience while shopping online. I wanted to buy a web hosting package for my website. After checking through various websites, I came to know about a company that was offering the services at a very cheap price. I logged into the company's website and while I went ahead to make payment through my credit card, I was redirected to another site. Without paying much attention to this, I made the payments. But, I got no confirmation about my payment details in my email. Later I found out that I had been scammed. I had to pay heavily for my silly mistake. I wish if I would have paid little attention, I would have not been robbed of my hard earned money. I think iyogi is doing a good job by posting such useful reviews. I am sure iyogi reviews must be helping many by spreading awareness.


12 Sep, 2012

Every now and then I indulge in online shopping and use my credit cards to pay the bills. But until now I was not aware about the browser fraud. Thanks to iyogi reviews due to which I realized how badly a browser fraud could have harmed me. Generally iyogi reviews topics that prove to be beneficial for majority of computer users.

Paulette Repko

3 Sep, 2012

I just realized that many a times I make online payments through unsecure gateways. This article was an eye opener for me. I never thought that I could have become the next target of scammers. Thank you iyogi for posting such useful articles that help people like me become more aware and conscious while doing online transactions.

Stephen Harris, Washington

25 April, 2011

Even my browser was hijacked. Although I did not lose any money, I'm pretty sure I was pretty close to it. My browser started acting weird after I installed an add-on and once the installation was complete, the settings kept on changing. Even though I was able to access the bank website, I did not check my account as I knew my system had some infection. Had to reinstall the browser in the end!

Beware Of Credit Card Fraud

Frank, Charleston

15 April, 2011

If you use your computer to check your credit card bills like I do, you should beware of internet browser frauds that are designed to steal your credit card numbers and then your money. I fell into one of these without even knowing it, and I paid for it dearly. We have all heard about the kinds of fraud where people ask for your information and tell you that you will get something in exchange. These are easy to avoid. You do not even have to try very hard. Just make sure that you never give our your information. What I did not know about was browser fraud that was designed to just steal this information without ever altering you to what was happening.

At some point I downloaded a virus. I do not even know when I did it, which is part of what makes this whole thing so frustrating. My name is Frank, from Charleston, and I would not be so angry if I could just figure out what I did wrong. The virus installed itself on my computer, in any case. It then began reporting back on what I was doing. I have heard this described as a Man Inside The Browser fraud. The virus took down the numbers and the password that I entered to check my credit card bill, and then the person who created the virus used that information to take my credit card and spend a lot of money on various online stores.

Carol McFall

10 April, 2011

I am a make-up artist and I usually browse make-up videos and download tutorials. This is to keep myself updated with latest techniques. One day when I was browsing the Internet, my browser started behaving strangely. It was redirecting all my searches to websites, which were completely irrelevant. I was worried. Then I came across iyogi reviews on browser hijack. Through iyogi reviews I got to know that my browser was hijacked.

Donna Lewis, Seattle

08 April, 2011

Gradually facebook had become an essential part of my life. It kept me posted on what all went on in the lives of my friends, many of whom were scattered all around the world. I greatly relied on the website to stay connected with all my friends. One day I got a mail notifying that my Facebook account was to be terminated if I don't verify my e-mail ID. I quickly clicked on the link which opened the login page. I entered my login ID and password numerous times but I was unable to go beyond the login page. Later I realized that my facebook account had been hacked and was being misused for sending obscene messages to all my friends. My reputation was ruined among my friends.

They Stole My Money

Jamie Brown, LA

08 March, 2011

You may have heard about many types of browser fraud, but have you heard about the kind that steals money right out of your bank account? My name is Daniel and I experienced it firsthand. I am still recovering from everything that I lost; they cleaned out nearly my entire bank account. I am not very good with computers -- when I was born a computer was still a person who wrote things down and did mathematical equations, not a machine -- so I do not know exactly how it works. I can tell you what I know, however, so that you can avoid it.

The virus that I got was called the ZeuS banking Trojan. The way that it and other viruses like it work is that they take your banking information. I had just gotten into online banking. It was confusing but it did make my life easier; I did not have to run to the bank to cash checks or anything like that. I must have downloaded the virus somewhere without knowing it. When I went to my bank account and logged in, it recorded my information and passed it out to people who then used it to log in and steal everything that I had.

I still do not know where I got the virus. I heard that you can download it if you make illegal downloads, but I do not do any of that. I do use social networking sites, however, and I heard you can get it there as well.

Falling for a Spoofed PayPal Website

Katie L., Long Beach

07 March, 2011

I do a lot of business online, and PayPal is my primary payment processor. So, when I get emails from PayPal, I tend to read them and follow up if needed.

Not too long ago, I received an email from PayPal, or so I thought, stating that my account had been limited and I needed to verify my payment information in order to continue using PayPal. Because 90% of my online income is paid through PayPal, it came as not only a shock, but a problem that needed to get resolved right away. Unfortunately for me, however, what I didn't know was that the email was not really from PayPal – it was what is known as a 'phishing' email.

In my haste to get my PayPal account back in good standing, I clicked on the link in the email, which opened up a PayPal page in my browser, and attempted to log in to my PayPal account from there. Instead of logging into my account, though, I was redirected immediately back to the PayPal website. I tried logging in several times, and the end result was the same – I was simply redirected back to the main PayPal website.

After digging around online, I discovered that I was a victim of a spoofed PayPal login page which was designed to steal my PayPal login credentials. Then, after a momentary freaking out about giving away my PayPal login data, I contacted PayPal and changed my PayPal password.

That day I learned a couple of things: one, not to inherently trust emails even though they seem like they're from your bank, or in this case, PayPal. And two, I learned that if you have an email from your bank or payment processor, it's a lot safer to visit their website directly from your browser and log in, and not to trust links placed in emails.

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