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iYogi Customer Reviews

iYogi is always keen on learning from its customers and 'iYogi Customer Reviews' is one such platform wherein, the company gets feedback from consumers all across the world. Moreover, iYogi reviews help the company to rigorously improve its services in order to let customer attain relevant and satisfactory information pertaining to technology.

iYogi makes every possible effort to reach out to its customers worldwide with the help of thousands of reviews it receives, on its website. The company prioritizes and publishes the invaluable feedbacks from innumerable customers, thereby, encouraging them to write and share their opinions more often. This channel not just helps iYogi to know the mindset and requirements of its customers but also serves as a bridging gap between the two.

Here are some of the experiences that iYogi customers have shared from all across the world, to give you a better understanding about iYogi services.

"Arshiyn was so good I renewed my subscription for another year!!!I had not planned to do that!!!"

Maggie Moyer

"I love it - would hate to have to get by without them when i have an issue."

Joyce McCurdy

"Love your weekly scheduled PC cleaning and defragging!!!"

Samuel Bernal

"I could not do without them. They have got me out of a lot of problems I have had with my computer over the years."

Susan Carol McCormick

"We could not do without them! They have always been there for us and always been able to help us out! Thanks iYogi!"

Carla Anderson Hudson

"I love iYogi, we had 3 crashes before we got iYogi, and not had one since. The help is great."

Debbie Emery

"I have had I Yogi for several years now and I can honestly say it has been well worth the money."

James Haile

"Thanks to iYogi, for the help they have given me when i have problems with everything. good Karma"

Nancy Nickel-Weglowski

"Thanks to the team at iyogi. You've always taken care of any problems that I had . Everyone have a great holiday season."

Janet Jewell

"I Yogi is better than sliced bread. They have been there 4 me 4 a Couple of years. There is nothing They can't solve."

Patricia Giachino-Romanello

"iYogi has really been a blessing to me. they are always there to keep my computer up and running. thank you iyogi"

Sandra Cobb

"They really are good about helping; as a less-than-savvy senior I appreciate them."

Edith Meza

"I have i yogi for years and would not change for any other. Thank you iyogi, have a great karma."

Irray Cruz

"I have had I yogi for 2 years.... keeps my computer fast... and can troubleshoot anything...."

Janice Toerne Clemens

" they do a great job and take their time with me. always happy with their services"

Helen P. Cherry

"I am very pleased with the service that I receive from iYogi"

Peggy Yow

"Outstanding service, highly recommended, luv you guys"

Michelle Richard Allen

"your service is tops, and we would recommend your company and your techs to everyone, keep up the good work, you are truly outstanding!"

Sy Susan Montenero

"Excellent technical services. Very knowledgable, efficient and friendly techs!"

Jaydubya Pesqualie

"We have this service. It is OK - sometimes difficult to understand the technician."

Debbie Marsh

"I yogi always straightens out my computer without any stress on my"

Gable Signs

"Iyogi Always have Fixed all problems for me. They are so corteous!"

Jarrod Hladky

"iYogi always fixes my computer problems ...I love iYogi....."

Maria Zavala

"Have used iYogi several times and have had excellent results. EVERYTIME!"

James Morrison

"IYogi is truly a superior service provider. In my 2 years of working w/them (From Florida, USA) I have nothing but praise for this outfit."

Yosef Y

"Great service and sorted out my laptop which runs like new. Would recommend to anyone with problems"


"Always fabulous service. Very, very helpful and cordial. I would highly recommend iYogi to my colleagues, friends and family. Worth every bit of my annual subscription fee."


"I called tech support when my anitvirus stopped working- the techs at iYogi were friendly, helpfull and on the ball when solving my issue. I was impressed with the quality of their service."

Tina Collett

IYogi has been invaluable to me for assistance when I am having computer issues and is available 24/7"

Lanette Campbell

"love this company. i don't know what id do without them"

Leith Joe Napolitano

"if you don't have iyogi your missing ou. when you first get it your gonna wonder what took you so long to get it. let me put it to you in another way they'll save you hundreds of dollars in money and unnecessary time with your computer out ...See More"

Laura Bell

"These guys are great!!! Highly recommended. They fixed my Desktop and Laptops. No more viruses."

Burnis Johnson

"today is my first day, had to update spy/malware antivirus program & did it thro avast. which i found IYogi & purchased their IT tech supp prgm, they instantly cleaned out my laptop & helped w/issues. reps very knwldgable & gracious. had a pleasurable xprnce!! 5 stars!! =)"

Rosie Arellano

"Great people to deal with and enjoyed conversation during my service time....went by quickly"

Amy Harris Mcdonald

"I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge of these techs. I highly recommend them for your technical needs."

Francine Bowhay

"iyogi is a great technical support company that is fantastic to work with. They have done what I thought was an impossible task of completely restoring my computer. I highly recommend them to anyone that has a computer isssue. And it's all done remotely online, so you don't even have to bring your computer anywhere. I am one happy customer!"

Teresa Porter Fikaris

"These Techs are amazing, I will never be without them :)"

Gretchen Revett Duncan

"It was easy and the tech was brilliant..."

David D, New Jersey

completely remote service, i liked that..."

Robert R, Georgia

"... this is a service I need. The work was don well and efficiently (as far as I can tell)"

George S, California


David L, Massachusetts

"The problem seems to be fixed... Service was polite..."

Michelle F, Indiana

"The services were outstanding from my initial contact with customer service to my contact with tech support... The services were excellent it took some time to clean up my computer but that simply was the situation that it was...not due to tech services."

Jeanne N, Arizona

"Assistance was such that it provided me with information on my desktop compluter that is crucial to its health... How can you improve upon perfection?"

Jan C, California

"Technical expertise, courteous and professional… Excellent service - I have no suggestions."

Joann m, North Carolina

"Everything was explained in detail... Kepp up the Good Work! No need for improvement."

Erma P, Florida

"The technicians worked diligently to restore my system to sanity. And I appreciate it more than you can know; thanks..."

Arleatha M. Missouri

"Professionalism and expertise"

Stuart P, Illinois

"It was real easy and they were very helpful... everything was great"

Sandra C, Texas

"Both people were very helpful... Given the way this has to be done, it works quite well.,"

Frances F, Washington

"They were fast and very professional..."

Steve D, North Carolina

"Because he was very professional and extremely patient with me... I think the service was wonderful and am in awe of the level of knowledge"

Elizabeth B, Colorado

"because i was helped in everyway posible , very good teck...very happy… everything good"

Valdrette O, Ohio

"Very helpful and always told me what he was doing next."

Doreen H, Connecticut

"Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Excellent assistance from each person I worked with."

Denise C, Florida

"everyone was extremely helpful nice and everything was done fast considering all the stuff i needed help with"

Alejandro S

"good job,and very user friendly,hopefully my wife will feel at ease"

Jerry B, California

"I called with a problem, you walked me through the problem and resolved it."

Caryn I, California

"You have an excellent and well-informed technician professional… From your representative technician, there is nothing more than to wish the company well and praises for the young man who solved the problem that had left me frazzled when I placed a direct"

Carmen B, North Carolina

"very good and really polite man... they are perfect he was real nice and fixed the problem."

Anita C, New Hampshire

"Your staff was very helpful in resolving a troublesome issue!... I cannot think of any way, keep up what your doing."

Marc K, Washington

"the problems I had were resolve in a professional manner... I gladly impressed..."

Javier E, Texas

"You representatives spent 4 hours with me patiently resolving all the issues... it is perfect!"

Kristina H, California

"Your tech support and customer support are excellent. they solved my problem... I was a little concerned that I could not get my key # downloaded from your e mail when I purchased the anti-virus. I had to call your customer support line. They did a very good job."

Don C, Missouri

"Prompt and professional, also available late night hours."

Lisa M, Illinois

"I recieved help above and beyond what was nessesary they helped by takeing extra time to solve my problems"


"very helpful"

Shelby S, OHIO

"took the time and cleared all problems"


"prity good cirvice"


"The professionalism showed by your staff"


"Upendra and Javed were very helpful"

Beverly B, GEORGIA

"technicians were very understanding and helpful to someone who is not a geek"


"Your Tech's went above and beyond the call to resolve my problem"


"they resolved all my issues"


"very efficient,and didn't waste time"




"Very knowledgeable technicians"


"Tech was very knowledgeable"


"You have excellent and ethical technician"


"the techs were very nice and knew exactly what to do"