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Review of iYogi and its Business Domains

Operating from India, iYogi provides comprehensive direct-to-consumer and small business remote tech support. The rapidly expanding firm has more than 200,000 consumer and small business customers across four countries. With its 4,500 plus technical experts providing the firm's Global Delivery Platform along with its proprietary technology and protected intellectual property rights, the company has recorded phenomenal growth ever since it’s founding. Using the bulwark of India's ancient civilizational roots, it combines sophistication, expertise and professionalism to resolve computer related problems of its customers, by delivering great, high value tech support at a great price. Whereas other firms struggle to retain customers, iYogi has notched up a resolution rate of 87 percent, which is one of the highest resolution rates in the online technical support industry.

The company now has a finger in every pie of the IT domain. It spans a vast array of services; these include technical support for computers, laptops, printers, security, Internet browsers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and support for e-mail issues, among others. One of its strengths is providing support to keep users' systems safe from malware, spyware, etc. It encompasses the entire gamut of PC protection issues; which ranks among the most comprehensive of its support policies. iYogi has a network of global tech experts, which provide a new approach to solving problems and helping customers. It continues to set new standards for the remote support industry, with a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent. The firm offers a range of tools that can enhance and complement its remote support services. Some of its products include iYogi Smart PC Scan, iYogi Support Dock, iYogi Green PC and iYogi PC Optimization.

To keep your system safe from viruses and malware, iYogi can also provide antivirus support to home users and business set-ups. It goes without saying that antivirus support is essential for your PCs and laptops to shield them from malware and spyware. Viruses and their ilk keep roaming the Internet, looking to infect vulnerable PCs. They may infiltrate your PC at any time and can destroy applications, files, folders, and important data. The firm also helps in configuring a firewall to shield and protect PCs or laptops from virus attacks. iYogi's other areas of support include Internet networking, data backup, optimizing the system, and instant help and repair for various other issues that might cause the system to conk out.

Recently, the firm has also instituted an online video service, in the manner of YouTube. The videos cover a range of topics that cover all aspects of the technical domain. Some of the firm's most popular videos include 'How to speed up your PC', 'How to remove adware from your computer', 'How to update virus definitions on your PC', 'Fixing problems related to Windows Vista', 'Removing temporary files from your system', 'Updating antivirus software in your system', etc. Here is the review of the remote technical support offered by iYogi Technical Services to its customers.

iYogi Services for Business Users For someone who has decided to start his own business or is already running one, iYogi can provide convenient solutions in this regard. Its tech experts can provide solutions for all issues that threaten to put a summary end to your entrepreneurial ambitions. iYogi computer support package for small business users is organized into various sectors, such as managed services, managed monitoring services, etc. Let us have a brief look at these.

Managed Services: iYogi's Managed Services enable you to place your resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experts so that you can optimize existing resources. This module provides continuous expertise and value though on-call assistance and remote support. The advantage for firms is of increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduced exposure to IT risk. Managed Security services utilize real-time threat monitoring, analysis, and remediation guidance to minimize the impact of security incidents on business operations and reduce overall IT risk.

Managed Monitoring Services: To maximize availability and performance of your business systems, you must first have access to extensive details on the daily operation of your IT service infrastructure. iYogi can offer information and knowledge by monitoring, collecting and disseminating data on availability and performance from disparate sources and assets across your IT infrastructure from end to end. iYogi can continuously monitor the health of your IT infrastructure and manage its growth. Its Monitoring Tool maximizes uptime as the resolution is based on the information captured through monitoring. The tool also enhances the security of infrastructure by integrating with leading antivirus providers, patch management, security auditing, alerting and reporting. The Monitoring Tool helps in improving the performance of IT infrastructure by identifying trouble spots that can influence employee productivity. Its other advantage is that it helps to control the assets and helps you to prove to the authorities exactly what IT assets you do have and their value. Its monitoring tool uses advance technology like Unified Threat Management, Windows Management Instrumentation and Simple Network Monitoring Protocol which monitors your network 24x7 using Microsoft API's to collect alerts and send it to them over a secure channel.

Server Monitoring Server monitoring serves as one of the most critical components of Server Management. To ensure your system's error free productivity, it is important to constantly monitor the status of managed servers. iYogi's remote server monitoring services brings you the following: Remote monitoring of all warning events and errors that get generated on the server; this helps the experts analyze the server and provide suitable strategies to eliminate the downtime. The iYogi experts can analyze and monitor the hardware components of the server like CPU (version and clock speed) and all hard disk drives (i.e. total used and free disk space). The tech experts can also check installed software like Windows update history, service pack and which version of Windows operating system the user prefers to use.

Network Monitoring By conducting rigorous round-the-clock network monitoring sessions, iYogi computer experts and iYogi network administrators can analyze the ongoing status of your network. This is primarily done to identify potential system bottlenecks before they actually lead to any anomaly. The IT experts configure everything from their server rooms. Once configured for maximum results, the iYogi experts can notify you when your server goes down or a user alters his/her configuration or a possible security threat is seen arising. iYogi's complete process of network monitoring can also help you to implement and enforce policies throughout your IT environment.

Event Log Monitoring With this particular tool, iYogi's professional system administrators can analyze data about users' system components and monitor specific event, categories, and event IDs on a local or remote computer from a centralized console. This system has the distinct advantage of allowing iYogi experts to identify and diagnose the source of current system errors and potential resource bottlenecks to secure your network from internal attacks and keep it safe from myriad security threats. iYogi can also provide other add-ons for the Event Log Monitoring Suite, such as CPU, Monitoring and Disk Utilization Monitoring. Its chief purpose is to monitor the health parameters of server components such as CPU, memory and Disk Utilization which can keep you informed in case of low disk space, high CPU utilization, etc. thereby preventing server outages.

Infrastructure Monitoring Often your system can suffer from server issues which can eat into your valuable time. iYogi offers an Infrastructure Monitoring Suite for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your sever to prevent unnecessary and time consuming server problems and tune it for smarter productivity. All these details are available to iYogi employees who monitor everything via a centralized console.

Monitoring Tool Reporting iYogi's monitoring tool manages and generates reports that can help you maximize profits and save on energy resources at the same time. Some of the aspects of monitoring tool reporting include Asset Management, which generates information for hardware devices for a specific device or site; Continuous Monitoring, which displays the availability, response times and content for all devices of a specified site; Proactive Maintenance, which gives descriptive information of a Windows server, as well as its availability. Its Service Delivery (Summary) pack shows an overview of a site across Windows Servers and Workstations and includes a network health score, patch summary, security scan summary, asset overview, top problem devices, alert summary, trouble ticket summary and also displays the amount of work done. You can derive many benefits by using iYogi's managed monitoring service.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Maximized uptime
  • Proactive vs. reactive
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased staff utilization
  • Improved network's performance
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Sound financial decisions

Increased security for consumers, iYogi offers services, such as green PC and Support Dock. Green PC mode switches off the PC components when you are not using them. Nearly half of your PC power is used by your monitor and turning it off when you are downloading something or burning a DVD can save you a lot of power. If you love the Internet and prefer using Google for your online searches, look no further. iYogi has a solution for you! For a fixed fee of $59.99, iYogi experts can assist you in setting up and installing Google Apps. This is done in two stages: The first is Administrator Set-up, where the firm creates a deployment strategy to customize the implementation for your business and set-up Google Apps as a mail server; this would make it possible to customize e-mail, documents and spreadsheet URLs for your domain. It would also give you options to implement changes in your e-mail server to use Google Apps and configure security settings for online documents. The second is the End-user set-up, where users can create new user accounts, configure, contact and get calendar sharing and also set-up Google Chat.

The Future iYogi has made rapid progress since its founding. Perhaps its biggest forte is the inspiration it derives from its Indian roots. Its twin founders have ensured that it now ranks among the biggest technical support firms on the planet. You can find mention of iYogi in media reviews of CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Financial Times and The Washington Post. The firm has won rave reviews from a legion of satisfied customers. Tanya, from Washington State, described the tech person who resolved her problem as professional and well-mannered. Based in Arizona, Robert was all praise for the knowledgeable iYogi technician who helped him tide over his computer blues! All who subscribe to iYogi tech support can get their issues resolved with professional expertise. Any person with even a rudimentary knowledge of the web knows that the future lies in the Internet. Many firms nowadays prefer to set-up online businesses, avoiding the hassle of renting office space and its attendant complications. As the world increasingly turns towards the Internet for daily use, and as more and more users keep bridging the digital divide, the urge to communicate along digital pathways has taken on an urgent meaning. Since not all people can become authors, many have resorted to using blogs to express their feelings across a wide spectrum of topics. iYogi also has a blog where contributors can comment on various technical issues with topics ranging from such mundane computer predicaments as Windows troubleshooting, to the bizarre ‘The ghosts of printers past'. With a rapidly expanding presence, and as more and more people start owning computers, the firm is more than ready to approach the future with a sense of agreeable optimism.

We, at iYogi, believe in delivering the best technical support to our customers. For this we have specially designed the ‘iYogi Complaints Form' to understand the pulse and requirements of our customers. This will assist us to serve you better and also prove to be mutually beneficial.

You can find information on all aspects of the IT domain in iYogi reviews; it's especially great for business users as it gives comprehensive information on such business topics as event log monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and addresses the future growth of the business industry to prepare industry leaders for new challenges.

Alice 4 September, 2014
I got damn scared when my working PC became unresponsive suddenly. I didn’t know what went wrong and my patience was soon running out. But my friend Ben suggested me to go for a remote tech support. And after exploring few options, we called up iyogi. The credit for my normal working PC goes to iyogi guys, but more to Ben.
Cardy Medard7 Feb, 2013
I agree with Kalt and many others who happily rely on iYogi services. I moved to iYogi after trying Dell and other tech support companies. And I want to say that iYogi services are way too economical and fast. The technicians are up to date will all the latest tech problems and give fast resolution to my issues. After iYogi, there’s no looking back!
Soren Smith1 Feb, 2013
Undoubtedly, the tech support provided by iyogi is unmatchable. They are smart. I called them to enhance the slow performance of my computer. And they enhanced it instantly. My computer is running like never before. Thanks so much.
Kalt martinez22 Jan, 2013

Computer issues can derail your otherwise peaceful life. So, for all my computer related worries, I rely on iYogi. I have been their happy customer since 2 years. Initially starting with their annual unlimited plan, I have now moved to their digital home plan that covers my 3 PCs and all digital devices at my home. iYogi has become my family technician now!

Scott Garcia, Albuquerque17 Jan, 2013

It’s been only three and half months and my scanner started failing. I could not possibly understand what went wrong that it couldn’t scan as I needed to scan my project… it caught my nerves. However, there was one ray of hope – I rang iYogi to seek its technical assistance. The technician was superb that he took just half an hour to repair it. Phew!

Lyla Kayy15 Jan, 2013

I was facing few lingering problems like issues while listening to music and reduced overall wireless speed. On a friend’s recommendation I chose to contact iYogi. And boy, I couldn’t be more surprised! The technician quickly identified all the issues and resolved them beyond my expectations. I recommend you to everyone!

Charles Cole, Austin14 Jan, 2013

I had subscribed for iYogi remote support for two years so far. Believe me, their service is stupendous though I may sound a little biased here. The best part of their service is that iYogi is instant, economical and transparent. Now I have started following steps that iYogi technicians has explained my during remote session on my PC.

Lois Frazier, Cleveland11 Jan, 2013

I gave up on my notebook for it was repeatedly shutting down on its own leaving my work unsaved. It required system repair and restore. I was afraid that I might lose my data or even worse, the system might corrupt the operating system. Instead of trial and error, I gave in and wanted iYogi technicians to take over like always I resort to their technicians to fix annoying PC problems. My laptop resumed its old performance back after the technician resolved the issue.

Janet Hill, Detroit10 Jan, 2013

Weeks ago, I have written this post at their iYogi Complaint form that my router is not working! I was terribly disgusted with the issue I couldn’t access Internet only laptop, Smartphone and my iPad. I got a callback from iYogi sooner than I expected. Thanks for your faster response and resolving my issue.

Leon Harrell4 Jan, 2013

Earlier I used to take my laptop here and there to local technicians to fix any issues. However, once one of my friends told me about iyogi tech support services. To give it a try, i experienced their single-incident tech support. Since that day whenever i have come across any tech problem, without any second thought i have called the iyogi guys. YOu won't believe that every time i have experienced that the iyogi technicians do their level best to resolve my issue, and always satisfied me. Thanks a ton iyogi for such a wonderful experience.

Dart Tiglao1 Jan, 2013

I recently bought a digital camera. After coming back from a vacation with my family, i decided to transfer the images to my PC. However, i was unable to install the camera software on my PC. I called the iyogi toll-free number. The tech guy at iyogi helped me install the camera software which i was even not able to install after reading the owner's manual. Thanks iyogi for the timely help.

Arvilla Titus28 Dec, 2012

I was thinking of creating a computer network at my home last month. But i was unable to find out that whose help i should take. I dont rely on my local technicians as i had already experienced their pathetic service. While browsing the Internet, I cam across iyogi on-site tech support services. I called them and fixed appointment with them. The technician helped me create my home network successfully. Till date i have not faced any sharing or connecting issue with devices connected on my home network. Thank you iYogi for the perfectly done job.

Alexis Beverly21 Dec, 2012

I am just glad and proud that I opted for the tech support services of iyogi and not someone else to resolve the tech issues faced by me while working on my various computing devices. I must admit that i have never received the kind of assistance offered by you guys.

David Magdael17 Dec, 2012

I know one thing, whenever I face any kind of technical problem on my PC, I can totally rely on iyogi technicians. Also, the plans and services they offer are above par. Just subscribe to them and forget about your PC’s health.

Kevin Nash13 Dec, 2012

It was not a normal site for me. I faced a severe technical problem on my computer after I made an attempt to upgrade Windows XP OS to Windows 7 OS. I called iyogi and the techies offered me much needed support. The only hurdle I faced with them was their accent; nonetheless I am very impressed with their dedication and professionalism. They really love their work.

Karly Beach7 Dec, 2012

iYogi’s digital home plan provided me the solution to all my tech problems. Now I don’t have to run to different vendors for different digital devices. iYogi takes care of my 3 computers and all the digital devices I have. All my tech problems have been sorted with a touch of a button…. I’m relieved of all my tech worries now!

Jae Novotny3 Dec, 2012

iYogi technician helped me get my net book running perfectly as ever before after my daughter dropped a glass of water on it. My friend advised iYogi’s name and told me about their onsite service. I quickly booked an appointment with iYogi engineer. The engineer provided quick support in the crucial hours and fixed my net book promptly. From my end, no better recommendation than iYogi.

Steve Williams30 Nov, 2012

Touched base with iYogi through a friend, who provided me their number. My computer was suffering from a bad computer infection, probably a virus. iYogi technician quickly ran a diagnostic software to identify the virus. With the help of various tools he had, he quickly removed the virus and fixed my problem. I was happy to see my computer all well again

Steve DeVito26 Nov, 2012

All I have to say, iYogi technicians provide excellent tech support. I got my netbook fixed at a very competitive price. The manufacturer told me that it will cost me more than a hundred. But iYogi technician did it at much less price. Though I initially faced problems in understanding their accent, but later I managed it well… Keep up the good work iYogi!!!

Zeo Gillett23 Nov, 2012

I have a old laptop, the other day I attempted a system reformat. While I could successful reinstall windows 7, I faced issues while installing the drivers. The problem was beyond the scope of my knowledge. I called over iYogi to get my issue fixed. the technician was quick in understanding the problem. I was happy that he could diagnose the error and fixed my 5 years old laptop. the charges were also considerably OK. If I ever get into another computer jam, I will definitely call these guys again...

Katelyn Judd.21 Nov, 2012

My recently purchased notebook started giving errors when i downloaded and installed a utility tool from torrent. I thought it would be a full version and i will be saved from paying a few bucks by buying the app from official website. But, later on i came to know that it was the biggest mistake of my life. After installing the software i was shocked to know that it was just a trial version. So, i removed it. However, to my surprise then i started facing other issues. For instance, I was not able to open certain files and was not even able to browse anything on the web through Google as some weird looking search engine as become my default search engine. As i had taken iyogi's subscription, I called the tech guys at iyogi. The technician took remote control of my laptop and diagnosed and removed the malware within no time. The incident taught me a lesson, and gave me a chance to experience the nice tech support services. I am impressed guys...

Ally Gloceri16 Nov, 2012

I totally rely on iYogi technicians whenever i come across any technical issue on my laptop. The technicians of iyogi are expert in their field. They have always helped me get rid of my tech worries. I have accessed their support services 4-5 times in the last one year or so. Everytime i have experienced that the guys do their best to resolve my issue, and always satisfied me. Thanks iyogi for the wonderful experience.

Christina Victoria15 Nov, 2012

Like Betty, I’m also using iyogi’s digital home plan. It takes care of all three computers in my house, plus I get additional support for my iPad and my digital camera. Moreover, now I don’t have to run to local technicians over and over again. All my issues are taken care at the comfort of my house… I like iYogi’s digital home plan…

Brian Jimenez9 Nov, 2012

One day i was just browsing the Internet searching for a suitable tech support service provider for home PC. I came across iyogi. As my PC has become old, every other day there is some kind of technical issue with it. I dont want to sell it as there is some emotional attachment with it. I subscribed to the annual plan of iyogi. Thank God and thank iyogi that till date, i have never faced any major issue with my PC as whenever there is any problem, i just call the toll free number of iyogi and there is always a technician on other side to help me out. Thanks guys for your nice help!

Gill Carter8 Nov, 2012

I came to know about iYogi’s support dock through one of the iyogi technicians who was fixing my PC problem one day. I purchased the same and the technician helped me in installing it on my machine. I have been availing tech support services of iyogi for the last one year. On using Support Dock, i found it to be a very helpful utility tool. It keeps my PC optimized. Not only this, the tool can even detect and repair any technical issue that is affecting the functioning of my PC… Thanks a lot iyogi for devising such a wonderful utility tool!

Betty Hall6 Nov, 2012

Cost of using three different computer repair plans for two notebooks for me and my mother and the desktop for my dad was really taxing. But that is history now with iYogi’s digital home plan that I am using. Can you imagine a single plan includes our three computers as well as additional printers, DSLR, iPod, iPhone and dad’s iPad. And the best thing is no holidays, no wait time – iYogi is always on.

Daniel Amos5 Nov, 2012

I want to expand my small business. However, i was a bit apprehensive as i have to tackle with many difficulties such as server monitoring, network monitoring, event log monitoring, and other computer support packages. i googled and came across iyogi services for small businesses. i called the given toll-free number and the guy on other side was great. He saw what I had and what I needed. I asked me to mail me a quotation of their services so that i can think over it and decide finally. The iyogi tech guy was very prompt in doing so. Now i have received detail about the iyogi services, and soon going to subscribe them as per my needs. I hope i wont be disappointed.

David Vassegh1 Nov, 2012

The technician helped me install my wireless printer successfully. Even after reading the manual, I was not able to install it myself. But with the help of iYogi technician, my job was done in 10 minutes. Thank you iYogi!

Julia Sands31 Oct, 2012

I have been using iYogi services from past one year. But the technicians try to sell me his products every time I call him. Sometimes it’s really annoying, especially when I am having trouble with my computer. But their technical knowledge is above par. Every time they have given me exceptional tech support. This is the reason I go back to them whenever I have computer issues…

Brianna 24 Oct, 2012

I was unable to connect my new Windows 7 phone with my computer. Even after reading all the manuals, I was unable to find answer to my problem. That’s when I contacted iYogi. I got their number through their website. Soon my call was answered by a friendly tech expert who kept on working on my PC until the problem was solved. It took him sometime, but he did not give up. Now I can sync my phone with my PC and download some great music and apps right away!

Paige Johnson 23 Oct, 2012

I paid iYogi $169.99 for one year support for her computer. Till now, I have used them twice. The first time when I wanted to set up a HP wireless printer over the network, and second time when my PC picked up a rogue virus from the internet. They fixed the first issue in 10 minutes. However, the second time, the technician took pretty long time before he could chase the virus out. They did a good job, but took long enough. I think this should be worked out.

Sam Douglas22 Oct, 2012

My father gifted me iYogi annual subscription with my new Dell machine. I always thought he had wasted the money, until I got struck with a bad malware attack while completing my assignment. The support dock installed on my machine helped me get in touch with an iYogi technician who gave me live help to remove the malware and set my computer right. Can’t thank my dad more…

Molly Bryan 19 Oct, 2012

Issues started when I installed an antivirus update. I think the site was not genuine. Due to this, I ended up installing a malware that hijacked my entire system. I was not able to open my files and was not even able to browse anything on the web. I called iYogi. The technician immediately took control of my PC and ran diagnostics to detect and remove the malware. All went well, except the unnecessary long sales pitch, which put me off. I was only concerned about my computer, buying support plans was something I didn’t bothered about. But I’m happy with the support session.

Mike Dugall 18 Oct, 2012

My Bluetooth connectivity option failed me repeatedly when I was trying to connect my mobile phone to the PC to transfer my vacation photos. Then, I called up iYogi as I came across an ad online. Thank god I found a technician with whom it was so easy to articulate my computer problems as that guy didn’t confuse me with technical jargons, rather solved my problems. It’s been two years and I still call up iYogi for all my PC hiccups.

Kendra Fagan 17 Oct, 2012

I found iYogi by chance on Google. My computer screen was having some issue. It was going blank every now and then. The technician told me that it’s a hardware problem and he’ll not be able to solve it. I was impressed by his honesty. At least he didn’t send me on a wild goose chase. Moreover, he just charged me the consultation fee… Quite liked you!

Brandon Marsh 16 Oct, 2012

Iyogi truly deserves a gold star… I called up iyogi to fix my computer. This was in 2010. Since then, I had not looked beyond iyogi. They take complete care of all the 4 machines in my house and all the peripherals connected to these devices. Moreover, they give support even during odd hours. Whenever I or my family has any technical issue, we know iyogi is there to help us.

Tony Hawk15 Oct, 2012

I have iYogi’s support dock… the technician installed it when I subscribed to iYogi's tech support services 2 years back… I must say that support dock keeps my machine optimized. It detects and repair issues that affect the performance of my system. You are my mini technician… Thank you support dock!

Antonia Campbell 12 Oct, 2012

Awesome tech support at very competitive prices... iyogi technicians fixed my sound driver… I was not able to listen anything that was played on my laptop… I tried to fix the error by looking for solutions on tech forums, but nothing seemed to work for me. The technician was quick in understanding the problem. He quickly solved the problem. Now I can listen my favorite music any time any day… good job iYogi!

Aaron Barnett11 Oct, 2012

I have always worked with my local tech, but once since he was out of town, I happened to call iyogi… I got their number from a support forum. I found the tech support really reliable… the tech was quick in identifying the issue that caused blue screen error on my PC. Though he took some time in resolving the issue, but at the end it was fixed and my system was back to life… I liked their tech support…

Meaghan Cote10 Oct, 2012

Awesome customer service, friendly technicians, and fast response… I found iYogi technicians extremely knowledgeable and reliable… only issue I had was their poor accent.. please improve that.. rest is perfect!!! Thumbs up!!!

Sylvia Brodmann8 Oct, 2012

My laptop was out of warranty. I needed urgent service for my HP mini. iyogi provided me reliable service at reasonable price. my machine is working better than ever. I could not have asked for better service. Thank you iyogi!

krisia Buenaventura4 Oct, 2012

Hey, iyogi guys fixed my mini laptop at much less price than everyone else… Really happy… My machine is now running perfectly. But technician’s accent was different… I was amused with the way he pronounced some of the words… But he was nice to work with… gave some useful tips and tricks to keep my lappy running perfectly…

Laurel Gower1 Oct, 2012

I describe iyogi as professional, dependable, and convenient… I have been with iyogi since 2 years and the technicians have always impressed me with their exceptional tech support.. yes like all others, I have at times faced issues while getting in touch with technicians, but they are so small that I don’t think its appropriate to mention them… I just want to say that whenever I have computer problem, iyogi has a resolution…. Keep up the good work!

Jordan Cuckler28 Sep, 2012

While looking for a local tech support site to seek help for my faulty router, by mistake I landed on iyogi page. I was moved by the kind of tech support service they have mentioned on the site.. Moreover, I found the prices very competitive. Instead of calling my local techie, I decided to try iyogi… I took their single incident plan. The guy took great care to fix my issue… I was so happy with the service that I ended up buying their annual subscription… Good job!

Nick Castillo26 Sep, 2012

I recommend iyogi support to everyone who cannot afford full-time tech support – especially to those who run a small business like me. The techies are genius and they solved my computer problems quickly and professionally. Even though understanding their technical jargons was a bit difficult, but I think their tech support is a complete value for money. Thanks to the iyogi staff! You provide strength to my business.

Adlin A.Byrnes21 Sep, 2012

Just few days back, I called up iyogi to fix my internet problem. The technician carefully listened to my worries and described me the reason behind the problem and steps to resolve it. Then he went ahead to fix the problem. Even though I took time in understanding his instructions, he was extremely patient and kept with my pace. Not only did they stick with me and the problem for hours, he also gave me several tips to keep my system up to date. It took a long as he wanted to ensure that my PC is in proper working condition. I am quite happy with the way my problem was resolved.

Brad Radke18 Sep, 2012

Kudos to iyogi! You revived my computer. Last week I faced a terrible system crash due to a bad virus attack. On recommendation from an uncle, I chanced upon your name. I was attended by a polite techie. Though his accent was initially a trouble, he gave me enough time to understand his lingos and respond. He kept on working on my system for some 40 odd minutes, but at the end reconfigured my system. I was happy by seeing my system back in shape. Iyogi, you are a great savior.

Danya Webs13 Sep, 2012

While looking for a solution to fix my faulty MP3 player, I came across iyogi. Unsure of whether they’ll be able to help me, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly connected with a technician who then forwarded my call to another guy. He patiently listened to my problem and then told me the resolution steps. He fixed my issue in a couple of minutes. I have become a big fan of iyogi. And according to me their biggest USP is excellent tech support.

Andrea12 Sep, 2012

I have a mixed experience with iyogi. I bought iyogi’s one-year plan. Though previously the techies always fixed my problems, this time the case was different. I called them as my system was running dead slow. Thought they told me that the problem has been fixed, the speed of my system is still the same. I have registered a complain in iyogi complaints form, but no one has responded back.

Regina S. Rivera11 Sep, 2012

I used to browse the Internet using Firefox, but for the last 2 years I am using Chrome. Recently I purchased a smartphone that is powered by Android. The shop owner downloaded and installed Chrome app on my smarphone. When I reached home, I tried to access the Internet using my phone, but was unable to do so. I remembered that one of my friends accessed the services of iyogi in such a situation. I called my friend to get the contact details of iyogi. He gave me iyogi's toll-free number. when i called iyogi, a guy with a strange accent greeted me. I could not understand him properly, so i requested for another technician. He transfered the call to another tech guy. He listened me patiently, and helped me in accessing Internet on my smartphone. Thanks a lot iyogi.

Milton10 Sep, 2012

The Youtube video service of iyogi is of great help for users like me who try to resolve minor computer problems on their own before taking professional help. I want to speed up the performance of my PC, but I was unable to find how. Then while surfing the Youtube for DIY steps to speed up my pc, i came across the online video service of iyogi. The DIY steps showed on the video to speed up my pc were clearly explained with screenshots. It was really helpful to me.

Crystal Harris7 Sep, 2012

I always thank my friend who told me about iYogi tech support. I was always having problems with my laptop earlier. I have never come across any problems since the day I started taking online tech help from iYogi technicians. Now whenever I experience any technical issues, I simply dial the toll-free number of iYogi and a technician is always there to assist me in resolving the error.

Sarah Puckett6 Sep, 2012

Iyogi experts offer what they promise. They are professional and skilled. However many a times they just keep transferring calls from one technician to another, which wastes a lot of time. Otherwise, subscription plans and services by iyogi are worth trying for better running PC.

Kerry Locke5 Sep, 2012

I have a Macbook pro with Core 2 Duo, 2.53 GHz, 250gb hard drive space and 4gb of ram. Recently, I bought 8 GB of ram from an online website. I backed up all my files to my external hard drive. I changed new hard drive into the computer than inserted my original disk and the application disk from apple. The installation was failed many times. I was in total panic. One of my friends suggested to contact iyogi. I was not sure that whether they will provide any help for my Mac. The tech guy seems lost in my problem. He transferred the call to a senior who then resolved the issue to my satisfaction.

Taylor Ferguson4 Sep, 2012

I don’t settle for any compromise when it comes to my gadgets. When my friend told me about iYogi I simply shrugged off as I don’t believe in seeking tech support from any other than the manufacturing company. However, one day I had serious problems with the printer with my Toshiba PC. Then, I took chance and called up this guy from iYogi. The first guy could do little to help me; when he led the issue to another guy (his senior, probably), he was quite a techie and resolved my issue at once and put me on the track. I was impressed.

Jerry Prine29 Aug, 2012

I have a wireless modem who is connected to a desktop computer by ethernet. When I was using my ipod touch, I was surfing the internet using the wi-fi, I accidently deleted an awesome page that I don't remember the website. I put chrome into private browsing so no history was been saved. I asked help from my friend who told me to call iyogi. I faced difficult in reaching their techie. But once online, I was able to follow their instruction (although a bit difficult to understand in terms of English). I learned many browsing tips from them. Now I know how to bookmark and restore url from history.

Carolyn Rowell28 Aug, 2012

I usually use safari browser for surfing the internet. I have taken a wi-fi connection from my internet service provider for my home. Their representative came and made all the necessary settings so that I can access internet from my desktop. Recently, I purchased ipod touch and I wanted to access internet on that. I tried hard to know the correct way to make this possible… but could not. I saw the name of iyogi when I went to Walmart. I managed to reach them through their toll free number. The guy seemed to have a poor English. I requested for a change of techie. The new guy seemed to be intelligent. He helped me to access internet on my ipod touch. Thanks.

Dennis Mobley27 Aug, 2012

I bought a new computer a few days back. To my surprise the vendor told me to keep the automatic update feature off in my PC else it will start creating problems. Although I managed to make it off somehow through thorough search on the internet, I was still under constant doubt that should I block off my firewall as well. Through my friend’s advice I called iyogi tech support. I waited long to connect to a technician but ultimately the end was positive and I am happy.

Emiley Duvall24 Aug, 2012

My computer was driving me nuts. I have been trying to convert videos and go on the Internet over the past two days. And I have to restart the computer over and over again. It crashes then shows a blue screen with writing all over it. Then when I restart it, it'll ask me if I want to use safe mode or something like that. Then I'll restart and it crashes again. Plus its also really slow. I have to keep restarting it and it becomes slower and slower after each restart. And the cycle continues. Since I am not very good with computers so I decided to seek help from iyogi. They took a long time in resolving my issue. It is up and running now.

D. Tyler23 Aug, 2012

I have got a Mac and use it in my web designing business. I am also required to search the Internet for relevant resources. Of late, I observed that the size of Other Folder was getting increased by my daily surfing activities. It was as if all my search history and other texts are getting stored in that folder. I was unable to figure out the reason despite googling. I am a regular reader of news articles published on iYogi’s antivirus site. So, I decided to give them a try. The techie picked up my call quickly but kept me on hold for a very long time. That irritated me. The end result – my issue was finally resolved to my satisfaction.

Pam Lewis22 Aug, 2012

I was looking for a support to upgrade my Windows XP-based PC to Windows 7. For that, I watched several videos on YouTube trying to figure out a solution for my computer upgrade problem. I finally got the step-by-step video made by iYogi. On calling them, they not only assisted me in installing and configuring Windows 7 on my PC but also optimized it to increase its performance. I cannot ask for more help than this. Thanks for the service.

Jannie Hozzian, Clearwater21 Aug, 2012

I wanted to implement the firewall technology to all systems in my home business but was unsure on how to go about it. I googled a lot about the requirements and issues and spent several days in looking for the right tech support. I got to know about this good karma company called iyogi from one of the security blogs. Their on-ground support engineers acted as a doctor for all my PCs. I am happy to put my trust on their services.

Marvin16 Aug, 2012

I was tired of sound problems and was unable to identify the cause for it. One random day while searching for the basis of the problem, I came across remote support provided by iYogi. I called their toll free number and discussed about it. It was detected that the sound card is outdated. iYogi Technicians took necessary measures. Overall it was a nice experience.

Alice13 Aug, 2012

I always wanted to experience the technical support available online as I was tired of going to a local shop to resolve small-small issues occurred on my laptop. Suggested by my friend, I called iYogi and just told them to optimize my laptop and enhance its performance. Remotely, they did all and I am pretty much satisfied. I can rely on them.

James7 Aug, 2012

To see my far-flung fiancé, I bought a new webcam, but couldn’t set-up with my PC. I tried many ways, but all useless. On my fiance’s suggestion, I called iYogi and told them about the problem. Expert at iYogi not just helped me set-up webcam on my PC, but also he listened to my reason of installing it. He wished me good luck too. It was really touching.

Kate, Schaumburg3 Aug, 2012

Undoubtedly, iYogi Experts helped solve any kind of computer problem with expertise. One day I was just browsing the Internet and all of a sudden the speed of my Internet deteriorated. iYogi Technicians then deleted cookies and checked router’s settings.

Henry Blodget, Bangor30 Jul, 2012

Earlier I was just scared of computer virus and its after effects. I just don’t like to waste time on anything that can hamper my productivity. But, since I have availed technical support provided by iYogi, I don’t worry about computer viruses. iYogi Experts made my PC clean and free from viruses.

Doona Moore, Texas25 Jul, 2012

I have used iYogi’s services only once. But the patience & courtesy with which the tech expert solved my problem was excellent. He was very knowledgeable. The tech expert on the other side of the globe was able to help me resolve my problem as if he were sitting next to me in my living room. Excellent service and results!

Diana White, San Jose25 Jul, 2012

I am very much impressed by your chat communication. It helped me understand better. I did not have to request the technician to repeat because of the language barriers. The technician was very competent. iYogi, you are doing a great job. Thank you helping me fix my problem.

Lynn Smith, Seattle20 Jul, 2012

Since I am a heavy computer user, I went in for your annual subscription plan. And every time I have a problem, I just dial your toll free number. Amazing tech support! The representatives are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They have always identified my issue and solved it to perfection. I have already called you more than 8 times. Your service is truly value for money.

Debbie Flynn, Florida17 Jul, 2012

Right from the time when I contacted iYogi for managing the IT operations of my company, I never had to worry about networking or virus related problems. iYogi has always saved my time, money and sanity. You have given new dimensions to by business. Now I can think of new ventures rather than worrying about IT issues. A perfect 10/10.

Paul Fezzey, Atlanta6 Jul, 2012

I share a long association with iYogi. Its been 4 years with you guys and you have always provided excellent tech support. The tech guys are very friendly and knowledgable. I am very satisfied so far. Keep up the good work!

David Hansen, California3 Jul, 2012

I was quite upset as my system used to crash quite often. But iYogi smart PC scan quickly detected all potential problems on my computer. The tech expert who helped me was very professional, understood the problem right away, and kept working away until the problem was fixed! The service was excellent. I always refer iYogi to my friends.

Tom Morrow26 Jun, 2012

I recently bought a laptop for myself. The system was showing various alerts, which I was unable to follow. Then I thought of taking tech support from iYogi and know about these alerts. Since the time I have enrolled for their services, I hardly worry about any issue. All I do is call the iYogi angels and take their assistance. They also give genuine advice to keep my PC protected from online hazards.

Bruno, San Jose28 May, 2012

Since I have taken technical support services provided by iYogi technicians my computer is running at good speed. Whenever I face even a minor technical error on my computer, I straightaway call at iYogi toll free number. The best part is that they give 24/7 support, so I don't have to wait to get my issue resolved.

James Faretta, Naperville3 May, 2012

I was really scared when my system started behaving weirdly all of a sudden leaving me stranded in the middle of an important task. I didn’t know what went wrong and tried vainly to get it back to its earlier shelf. When my patience ran out I thought of taking it to a local repair shop. But as if it was destined, my friend Alen suggested that we better try some remote tech support options. And after some research we zeroed in on iYogi. The rest as they say is history. Credit goes to Alen, though

Bardon27 Mar, 2012

To give a new dimension to my business, I hired I yogi to look after my IT requirements. Now two years on, I couldn’t have been better positioned. Backed by services that are customized to suite my business model, I yogi provided me core services that has helped me stay competitive and make steady progress. Still, there is room for even better coordination and I am waiting for that to happen!

Fox, Salt Lake City30 Aug, 2011

I wanted a tool that could maximize profits and help me save on energy resources simultaneously. Fortunately, I ran into iYogi reviews which helped my small company prosper and earn it an award for contributing less to the environment.

Duke, Charlotte26 Aug, 2011

I was looking for someone to monitor and upgrade the infrastructure of my firm so I could post a profit in these lean times. It was only iYogi reviews which came to my rescue-my infrastructure is well protected now and I look forward to bigger profits!

Carl, Reno24 Aug, 2011

As the proprietor of a small but robust IT firm, I am always looking to optimize existing resources for operational efficiency and reduced business risks. I came upon iYogi review which proved of immense help in managing my business portfolio to ensure maximum profit.

Terry, NY 22 Aug, 2011

I run a small publishing house and have to make sure that my server infrastructure is up to the mark-for better productivity. I read iYogi reviews to know how to eliminate server downtime that would result in more profits for my business.

Peter, LA18 Aug, 2011

I manage a small, tightly knit business. I was looking to increase my operational efficiency and to lower production costs as well as minimize the risk to my IT resources. It was only after reading iYogi reviews that I learnt how to take care of my enterprise.

Percy M, Reno12 Aug, 2011

I am self employed and was having trouble co-coordinating my systems to get the perfect pitch that would help me run my business. Through iYogi review I learnt how to maximize my profits and save energy at the same time, thus getting more out of my business. It helped out with all aspects of my business.