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IoT: The New Customer Opportunity for Telecom companies

Dec 15th, 2014
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iYogi whitepaper identifies the seven steps for creating an Intelligent Customer Service Architecture.

New Delhi, September 19, 2014: At the CII Telecom Convergence Summit held in New Delhi yesterday, iYogi launched a whitepaper titled ‘IoT: The New Customer Opportunity for Telecom Companies’. The whitepaper discusses how telecom companies can deal with market challenges, create new revenue opportunities, and transform customer experiences by investing in an IoT ready support automation platform.

Vishal Dhar, Co-Founder & President Marketing, iYogi, said “As service providers continue to compete for new customers, their key challenge is to reduce losses by retaining existing customers and creating new revenues streams. The rise of the Internet of Things – including the growing percolation of smart devices in the digital home, represents a massive opportunity for telcos.”

“According to Gartner, by 2020, the Internet of Things will include 26 billion units, and will create incremental revenue for product and service suppliers to the tune of USD$300 billion, most of which will be in services. As telecom companies rise to capitalize on this opportunity, they must recognize that IoT will add complexity to their environments, and require an architecture built to enhance the customer service experience. Consumers, government, industrial, and SMB clients need a unified IoT platform for the emerging smart devices in order for them to be used to their full potential,” he added.

As companies embrace an IoT driven world, a customer centric support automation platform will allow telcos to:

  • Create opportunities for the roll-out of entirely new categories of service
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling
  • Improve customer service and overall experience through big data insights
  • Enhance network management by delivering better visibility into user behavior

The whitepaper can be downloaded at:

About Digital Service Cloud

Digital Service Cloud is a unified IoT customer management solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform. It intelligently monitors, services and manages heterogeneous devices, enabling service providers to manage large-scale customer service deployments and redefine end-user experiences. Digital Service Cloud empowers service providers, OEMs and technology retailers to transform service delivery, enhance the customer experience and generate new revenues through support automation.

For enterprises delivering services, the platform makes it easy to manage large-scale customer operations; drive business and process efficiencies; and reduce customer management costs by deploying smart technology. Customers can choose to engage via customized services or platform solutions. Digital Service Cloud has consulting operations in New York, London, Madrid, New Delhi and Singapore. Learn more at

About iYogi

iYogi is a global on-demand software and services company offering solutions to consumers and businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain and India. The company recently launched an Enterprise SaaS solution, Digital Service Cloud that provides global Telcos; OEMs; and Managed Service Providers with customized or platform services and solutions to deliver transformational customer experiences. iYogi was recognized as one of the ‘most innovative’ companies by Inc. Magazine’s ‘Innovative 100’ Awards in 2013.

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