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IoTís Extreme Innovation: A new Service Architecture

Nov 19th, 2014
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iYogi releases whitepaper on the new monetization opportunities for the Internet of Things

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today, at the ninth-annual CONNECTIONS ô Europe: Monetizing Strategies for the Connected Home, hosted by Parks Associates, 18-19 November,  iYogi released a whitepaper titled: ďIoTís Extreme InnovationA New Service ArchitectureĒ. The whitepaper can be downloaded from The whitepaper discusses how the digital home opens up a range of new opportunities for service providers, and lists the five best practices that can unlock the revenue potential from IoT related services.

Speaking at the event, Sandeep Kalsi, CMO, iYogi Ė Digital Service Cloud said, ďThe extreme innovation that the Internet of Things enables, isnít really about the things or the devices, but about the service opportunity it creates. Digital Homes is one area that presents tremendous potential. The devices that hold the intelligence within a home are usually hidden and inaccessible to the homeowner. Extracting that intelligence and using it in the right manner to create valuable services for the homeowner is a services gold mine waiting to be explored.Ē

The whitepaper cites the five best practices to stimulate IoT revenues for service providers:

Establish and maintain long-term relationships that work to the benefit of the customer and create new revenue opportunities for service providers. Adopt new ways of thinking about the customer to deliver a steady and continuous stream of services over the long term.

Mine and leverage customer-specific big data by going beyond the obvious and finding the small pools of highly meaningful data that tells providers exactly what their customers need, often before the customers know it themselves.

Engage in new ways of selling by shifting the focus from purely making a sale, to considering services as revenue generators that make up a larger percentage of total income.

Ensure that customer relationships take on a different character by reducing the dependencies on the personal abilities of the relationship manager, and relying more on big data to identify the satisfaction drivers for customers.

Stay focused on innovation and move to the next phase of IoT development, which is less about products and directly associated services, to the additional layer of services that are now the primary product

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