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iYogi: Gadget Woes Erased

May 27th, 2013
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If the new mobile phone, laptop or smart TV that you recently purchased is troubling you, do not fret and fume. Simply dial tech experts at iYogi who, in all probability, will have a solution for your digital problems. This niche firm started its tech support services in the US, but has now descended on Indian shores where consumers and enterprises are showing an enormous appetite for computing and communications devices

We have all had our share of gadget pangs. The app that we downloaded on to our new mobile phone refuses to work; software that we loaded on our laptop or desktop computer slows the machine down or completely stalls it; the fancy wall-mounted television does not connect fully with the accompanying

accessories, completely ruining our excitement on the new purchase; the iPod or iPad does not sync properly with iTunes...and so on and so forth. While in the office, the IT staff is around to resolve our IT-related problems, back home even a minor glitch such as the paper getting struck in the printer can drive one crazy. In a nutshell, the superior digital experience we were anticipating quickly transforms into a nightmare. Imagine the plight of a cash-strapped small and medium business (SMB) that seeks to leverage technology to further its business and ends up in a digital mess, on account of computing and communications devices going awry!

A glimmer of hope appears to be round the corner, courtesy a six year-old tech support firm called iYogi. This Gurgaon-based firm was launched by Uday Challu and Vishal Dhar to create a one-stop solution for consumers and small and medium businesses looking for seamless

support to answer all their digital problems, across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Initially supporting 32 software applications, iYogi now provides support for over 500 software applications, hardware devices and peripherals.