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iYogi says Hola with Movistar

Jan 31st, 2014
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Movistar, a Telefonica group company will launch a co-branded technical support service for Spanish consumers, in collaboration with iYogi, a player in remote technical support. Called ‘Guru', the subscription based on- demand service is aimed at tech users who use multiple devices but are looking for single vendor support. ‘Guru' is based on iYogi's SaaS platform, the Digital Service Cloud. 

As Rodrigo Pineda, Head of New Business at Telefónica Spain, added in the announcement- "Gurú is a unique service in Spain. It counts on the best group of technology experts who help their clients to configure and sort out problems related to their smartphones, PCs, ink jet printers, consoles, TVs... for music, videos, games, applications... They help you out with everything in the easiest way and with no need of you getting around from home. By the hand of iYogi, the worldwide leader in remote assistance, we achieved the best help for the new digital life. With Gurú, these kind of worries are finally gone". 

iYogi has established a dedicated service delivery centre in Spain, and recruited technicians who have received specific product training.

Vishal Dhar, co-founder and President Marketing at iYogi said, "More than 2.5 million customers across 10 countries use our service to improve their technology experience, and we're proud of having one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry."

Stuart Sikes, of Parks Associates a global market research firm said, "The role of broadband service providers in addressing consumer tech support needs continues to be critical. As the number of devices in connected households increases, so does the need for support services. The incidence of problems with home networks has increased from 31% to 41% of U.S. broadband households over the past three years. The broadband provider is one of the first parties to receive a trouble call, and a comprehensive offering from a major provider such as Telefonica will set a new standard across the continent."?