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iYogi Scam Alerts Against Fake Antivirus Scam

Malware or computer viruses can disturb the normal functioning of a computer in many ways. Once a computer is infected, it is difficult to get rid of the infection. As antivirus programs are very popular, some are now creating fake antivirus software so that users are tricked into installing them in their system. These fake antivirus programs use scare-ware tactics to scare users into paying for illegitimate software.

These software programs look genuine but in reality they are a form of malware. They can make your system slow and sluggish, corrupt systems files, and even steal confidential information. Taking note of the cases related to fake antivirus programs that are on the rise, iYogi has released its latest iYogi scam alerts that provide users with information on fake antivirus software and they also offer tips for removing virus infection from a system.

According to iYogi Scam Alerts, user should follow simple technique to help protect their system form fake antivirus scam. Read more...


19 October, 2011

To help protect my system from this kind of malware infection, I use antivirus program from trusted brands as suggested by IYOGI. THANKS A TON.

Mason William, Rome

26 July, 2011

Hi, I'm a tech support engineer and I've a small piece of advice for the Internet users. Nowadays, scammers invite you to click on links in misleading pop-up and banner ads, or offer free downloads that have malware attached. Falling for these scams can lead to your credit card being stolen, identity theft or your computer being compromised.

Victor Bell, Cleveland

01 July, 2011

Hi Gladys here's what you can do. Either get a real malware removal tool installed on the system or remove the fake antivirus program manually. I would recommend Malwarebytes Antimalware or Spybot Search and Destroy for this purpose and as for manual removal don't think you should be doing it yourself. Get help from someone who knows how to remove fake antivirus programs.

Woodrow Adams, San Francisco

20 May, 2011

Lost my PC!!

Even though I used different antivirus software, my computer was not cleansed of the virus that had infected it. I tried hard to find some antivirus software that could be of help. The viruses that are removed by one antivirus may not be removed by another one. Once, while working on my system, I noticed a pop-up that appeared on my screen which showed messages that the antivirus could protect your computer from almost all the major virus infections. Then what….I was hooked and I simply clicked on the pop-up that took me to a site where the antivirus was available. I installed the antivirus but slowly my system started showing different problems and at last it stopped working. The tech guy told me that it was a fake antivirus that I had installed.

Laura Campbell, Newark

11 May, 2011

Fake antivirus scam? I have been hearing this for a long time now. But what I really need to know is that how this works and what can be done to prevent this from happening!!! I got my answers when I read the iYogi alert!! Thank you, guysJ!

Gladys Owens, Vermont

04 May, 2011

Can antivirus b fake?

I was in need of an antivirus when I saw a pop-up that alerted me about the presence of a virus in my system. I was shocked; I somehow wanted to remove the virus and so I followed the instructions that appeared after I clicked the pop-up. I bought the antivirus that they recommended but finally ,,,,,,,,,,,L I knew that I was being cheated, the antivirus was fake. They robbed me of my money and my system is damn slow now…

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