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iYogi Scam Alerts: iYogi Exposes Online Dating Scams

'iYogi scam Alerts' helps you to keep yourself protected from online dating scams. A common online dating scam starts when the two people start chatting. The scammer manipulates the honest party into a position where it is desirable to meet in person. These manipulations usually happen instantly or after weeks of daily conversations.

When it is time to meet, the scammer develops an emergency situation in which he/she needs money. Such types of scam emergencies vary, but they are always urgent and important to attend to instantly. The scam artist persuades an innocent person to send funds to help in this emergency situation while promising to meet for dinner or coffee once the problem is taken care of. These professional scam artists disappear when the money arrives.

According to 'iYogi scam Alerts' report, scammers use various techniques to play with people's emotions. Some are dating travel scam, dating phone scam, prostitute scam and even more.Read more...

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Johnny Tera

21 Mar, 2013

Scammers have stained online dating scenes with all the more plight and letdowns. When my brother was seriously roping in online dating scenes to search for a soul mate I suggested him reading updates on Internet scams posted on iYogi Scam Alert. I keep coming back to your scam updates from time ti time. They are indeed eye-openers and updated.

Senaida Dickey

18 Jan, 2013

I never knew about online dating scam. I have so many online friends. Through Iyogi scam alerts, I came to know about dating frauds who try to deceive honest people and make a situation where it is desirable to meet in person. Now I will keep an eye on such things.

Anis Saffira

27 Nov, 2012

9 out of 10 profiles are fake… We should be very careful while befriending anyone through these online dating sites. My friend had got entrapped in one such dating scam, but he was able to save himself before he was robbed of his money. The people behind these scams are very cunning and do various tricks to con innocent people…

Donna Valencia

16 Nov, 2012

You guys saved me. I am in touch with a girl, who met me on an online dating site. we have been talking to each other since 3 months. Yesterday I came across this article of yours. Just to check if I'm not getting fooled, I contacted her through another fake profile. She instantly replied to my chats and proposed me for a date. I did not take minutes before realizing her true intentions… Thank you iYogi, you guys really saved me from getting conned. I am grateful to you guys!!!

Steven Tajer

9 Nov, 2012

The phrase online dating scam reminds me of my last boss, who too was duped by his so-called online date. I was not aware of this earlier, but once when after office hours when we having a cup of coffee, he shared his experience with me that he was cheated by him online girlfriend of 1000 bucks. Later when he tried to contact her, she did not respond. Now he never falls in the trap of such online dates.

Annie, South City,

19 October, 2011

Thanks IYOGI for creating awareness about online dating scam. It's sad to know that some people play with someone's emotions. But, unfortunately this is true.

Milton Peter, Italy

26 July, 2011

Yeah Saul, you're absolutely right. One of my friend had also gone through the same bad experience one month before. He is very much depressed from that day. I don't understand why you guys trust a stranger so much. My advice is that, just give them the boot & move on. That's the only way you will ever be free of them.

Warren Sullivan, Cincinnati

01 July, 2011

Haha Jack*** ..good one! Jack sounds soo gullible that even I want to trick him. I mean who would sent someone money that too for family emergency. Family emergency is an excuse 3rd grade kids use in school. Anyways lets just hope at least some people reading this understand facts about online dating…

Saul Collins, Tampa

25 April, 2011

Aww, poor Jack, you must be heartbroken! You are nothing more than a jack*** to have believed this person. I am 100% sure she must have been some 16 year old guy with a lot of spare time (you were chatting day and night, right?) living in his dad's garage. People reading this, never trust anyone you meet over the Internet!

Jack Wilson, California

18 April, 2011

Hey, I am Jack and I met with a girl online. Sandra was very polite and sweet over the chat. We used to chat the whole day and night. I got attached to her and wanted to meet her. We planned to meet after 10 days. The day before our meeting she sent me an e-mail and requested me to transfer some money as she had a family emergency. I immediately transferred the money into her account. Now, it is more than a month and I have not seen her online..

Jacques Brooks, Oregon

11 April, 2011

Got myself registered on an online dating website the other day and got plenty of responses. This girl in particular was very keen on meeting up with me and arranged a meeting on Saturday night. In the morning, she sent me a mail asking money for some emergency at her home and promised to pay back in person. Known each other one week and she wanted money!! I mailed her ive already sent the money via a flying pigeon and it should arrive in a day or two. Never saw her online after that...

Derick Evans, Florida

29 March, 2011

I met kim through an online dating site.. she was from bankok, she sounded very sensible & charming!!! we became friends and soon got so close to each other , she and wanted to come down ,meet me & decide on our future course of life.. she needed money to make travel arrangements and settle some domestic issues before she came.. she would of course return it when she met me..I sent her the money and eagerly waited for her arrival!!! I have never heard from her again!! With a lot of heart ache I realized I was scammed...

The Tricky Online Dating Scam

28 February, 2011

There are few things in this world worse than being tricked. One of the only things worse is being tricked by someone that you thought was interested in you. This is a common story among people who have been the victim of an online dating scam, and my story is likely not unique. Plenty of people have probably experienced the same exact feeling of anger, disgust, and depression that I felt as a result of my encounter with an online dating scammer.

I met her on one of those dating sites and I started taking it slow. She had a nice picture, and she was from Chicago. I thought, "Well that's a good city, maybe she's a good gal." It turns out she wasn't such a good girl. We talked on the phone and we communicated via email. She seemed very interested in what I had going on, but it almost crossed the line to the point where she was too interested.

Things changed one day and she started to get more intense. She said it would be best if we met, but she didn't have the money to fly to Texas. That is when I offered to pay for her flight. This was a mistake, but what was I going to do? This offer was accepted immediately, and she said she had the inside track on good deals. It would be best, of course, if I wired her the money for the ticket. I did so, and when I showed up at the airport she never got off the plane. I had been scammed.

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