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A guide to master Skype

Like Google, people are using ‘Skype’ as a verb these days. Skype is a powerful application which was recently acquired by Microsoft. It can be used to call people, chat with them, videoconference with them, or share your files with them. In case you are using this application at work, you need to know more about it. Mastering an application like Skype will increase your productivity and you would get more out of the application than the usual user. If you thought there’s not much to learn about Skype, did you know that you can use this application to show a presentation deck? Here’s a guide to master Skype.

Record those important calls with Skype

How many times have you wondered about recording the important business phone calls that go on for hours because you wanted to refer to some points spoken in the call? Did you know that Skype allows you to record the phone calls that you make using Skype? It’s a good practice to let all parties in the call know that the call is being recorded. There are applications that you can use to record your calls on Skype. These apps are free and they allow you to do a lot with your recordings. With call recording, you can now ensure that you won’t miss a word in the long conference calls that you have at work anymore!

Screen sharing

Screen sharing makes lives easy. There are apps that are built for this. There are industries that exist because of screen sharing. Any person who provides technical assistance for a living would agree to that. When you are on a conference call and would like to display something to other people on call, you can share your screen now. With this feature, you can now share presentations with various people on call. Now, isn’t that making your life easy? When you’re on a Skype call, you need to click on ‘+’ button on the screen to see the option that allows you to share your screen. You can share the entire desktop or you can choose to share just one window too!

Skype Online

Skype is an application that allows you to call people who are also using this application. You need an account to start using this application. However, having an account still doesn’t give you a phone number that you can share with people. Having a phone number that you can share with people who you are in business with, sounds more professional than sharing the account details, right? That’s why Skype allows you to get a Skype Online phone number that you can share with people. Skype Online number works similar to a regular phone and people can also call you from a landline phone once you get a number.

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