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Support for Skype by iYogi

As you begin using Skype, you will experience different types of Skype errors. Some you will be able to resolve without much effort, and for some continuing Skype errors, you may find you need a Skype expert. Call iYogi, we offer comprehensive support for all Skype errors. Our mission is to help Skype users overcome glitches and enable a hassle-free Skype experience.

Here are some of the areas where iYogi support for Skype is provided:

  • Configuring Skype
  • Configuring your PBX
  • Enabling Skype Connect
  • Help with Skype Manager
  • Troubleshooting Skype errors

Call iYogi at 1 877 700 5208 and get full support for Skype.

Plagued by Skype errors?

If errors keep ruining your experience of Skype, you’ve come to the right page. Here’s a list below of the most common errors on Skype, by number error name and a short explanation on each. In case this doesn’t help, call iYogi Tech support for Skype, toll-free. Or chat with knowledgeable Skype experts at iYogi. They’re quick, efficient and effective.

Skype Error Catalogue: Check for Yourself!

What causes these errors? The reasons are different. It could be version compatibility issues, glitches within your system, not having the updated Skype version, incorrect Skype installation, any of these could be responsible for your problem with Skype. Most errors seem to resolve themselves when you uninstall and delete older Skype versions and then install the latest version – however, there are a few errors which persist. In such cases, you might want to call for expert help.

List of Skype Errors

Error 5- Search CALLS: invalid target. You used a non-permissible character such as a number, a hash sign.

Error 9- Unknown user. Does this really need to be explained? C’mon, really?

Error 22- Cannot hold this call at the moment. Why are you trying to place the call on hold when it’s not even taking place? Keep it real.

Error 23-Cannot resume this call at the moment. Uuhh…. How can you resume a call if there is no call under way.

Error 24- Cannot hang up interactive call. Check, no call…

Error 35- Not connected. Ever kept on talking to someone without realizing that they were not connected? Grrrr!

Error 36- Not online. You’re on Skype, your UI is up… then your Internet goes on the blink… get it?

Error 39- user blocked. Does the person you’re calling have caller ID on their phone – maybe they pick up calls from known numbers only….

Error 66- Not connected. Simple explanation – you are logged out of Skype.

Error 91 - Call error. This is shown if you cannot reach an emergency number.

Error 92 - Call error. This shows up if you try to call a non-valid traditional phone number.

Error 94 - Call error. Call yourself and this is what you get. Just talk to yourself without Skype. It works, believe me.

Error 105- Invalid chat name. First indicate the name of the chat participant and then start a Skype IM chat… easy!

Error 500- CHAT: Invalid chat name given. Forgotten your chat ID? B-complex pills needed – to improve your memory!

Disk I/O error This might just be that you aren’t using the latest version of Skype. Update is the way to go!

Error 1603  This is an error that you may come across while updating Skype. What you’ll need to do is to uninstall Skype and delete the previous versions - remove all traces of Skype from your system, reboot and then install the new version. If you’re not a seasoned user, you may need a pro for this.

Error 9901-Internal error Hallelujah! Finally, something’s their fault!!! And this Skype’s way of saying so.

DIY Steps to Resolve issues with Skype Reinstallation

If you had uninstalled Skype for reasons like freezing, crashing or unexpected shutdowns, then reinstalling Skype can improve communication. However, reinstalling Skype becomes a problem if you can’t connect to the Skype’s server or if you run into errors caused by conflicts with different applications and security programs. With some simple steps you can solve download and reinstall problems with Skype and maximize its communication features.

Step 1: Getting  Error 1618

When you try to reinstall Skype, you would probably get Windows Installer 1618 error code. This generally happens when multiple programs attempt to install at the same time. The error can also occur if you try to reinstall Skype when you are updating Windows system. So, first close any other installation that is in progress. If the error continues to come, press ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Delete’ keys together to launch the task manager. From there, click the ‘Processes’ tab and then click ‘MSIEXEC.EXE’ and then finally click ‘End Process’ to terminate the program manually.

Step 2: Check Internet Connection

The next important thing to do is check for a valid network connection. If you get network connection error message on your browser when you try to reinstall Skype, your router or modem has lost the network connection. If the problem persists, try connecting another device to the network. If the other device also doesn’t connect to the Internet, press the ‘Reset’ button on the device to restore network connectivity.

If the problem remains, the issue is likely with the Internet service provider, so contact your provider for additional troubleshooting information.

Step 3: Security Program Settings

If the above steps have not resolved Skype reinstalling issue, then check for security program setting such as firewalls or antivirus programs. This generally happens if the program is configured to block downloads and installations. Check the program's settings and adjust them to allow you to download and install Skype.

You should now be able to reinstall Skype successfully.

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