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Help for Skype by iYogi

Get Help for Skype from iYogi experts to set up, install and troubleshoot on Skype. In minutes!

Support for Skype by iYogi

As you begin using Skype, you can experience different issues. Instead of taking a wrong solution path or seeking help from some novice, it is always recommended to avail help for Skype from experts in the field. Call iYogi, we offer comprehensive tech support for all Skype issues. Our motto is to help all Skype users overcome glitches and help them enjoy a hassle-free Skype experience.

Here are some of the areas where iYogi support for Skype is provided:

  • Setting up a Skype account on different devices
  • Making video calls with Skype
  • Connecting Skype with Wi-Fi
  • Blocking and unblocking contact details
  • Troubleshooting Skype not working issues

Call iYogi at 1 877 700 5208  and get complete support for Skype.

Quick Help for Skype

Are you excited about getting started on Skype but are not sure how to successfully install and operate it? Or, are you already familiar with Skype but still stuck in a problem?

Whatever your issue with Skype (any version), we at iYogi can make sure that you keep enjoying your Skype experience. Here is a brief description of our help for Skype for different platforms and devices:

Help for Skype in Windows PCs

You may encounter the following issues while working with Skype on a Windows-based PC:

  • Software incompatibility error
  • Conflict with plug-and-play devices
  • Unable to correctly install Skype on your Windows 7-based laptop
  • Operating system version error
  • Unable to connect with a Wi-Fi network

Solutions to all such issues is just a phone call away with LIVE help from iYogi Certified Technicians. You can trust the services of iYogi experts available.


Help for Skype in Macs

Using Skype on Mac may not always be trouble-free. You may face the following interface problems making it harder for you to use Skype effectively on your Mac:

  • Adding friends to your Contact list
  • Sending instant messages on Skype
  • Non-functioning camera
  • Switching users on Skype for Mac
  • Using video conference feature
  • Mac keyboard shortcuts for Skype
  • Disabling Skype from auto running

Adding friends to your Contact list will enable you to make free Skype-to-Skype calls, conference calls, video calls, send IMs, and share files. And, if you have already used Skype before then you need to enter your Skype name and password to get started.

To seek help for any Skype issue on your Mac, just contact the technical experts at iYogi.

Help for Skype in smartphones

You want to use Skype on your smartphone but are not sure on how to perform the following things:

  • Making free calls to other mobile phones and landline numbers using Skype
  • Installing Skype on Windows Phone 7 or Android-based smartphones
  • Dialing a long distance call from your smartphone to a PC

There can also be queries regarding Skype communication through a smartphone app. Just reach iYogi Technicians who can guide you to download the Skype app and resolve related issues so that you can use smartphone to make Skype calls without facing any trouble.

Help for Skype in iPad /iPhone/ iPod Touch

You may also want to install Skype on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, but are a bit skeptical about the version to install. Or, you are already using Skype on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and want to upgrade it to enjoy the added features.

Look no further as you can rely on the expertise of expert technicians at iYogi. They can assist you to make video calls with Skype for iPad 2, connect Bluetooth device for iOS, prevent Skype from crashing, connect Skype with Wi-Fi, block/unblock Skype contacts, and enable you to even take screenshots!

Help for Skype used by businesses

As part of your business, you use Skype to interact with your clients. But off late, you are facing the following issues:

  • Unable to connect with multiple users at the same time via Skype
  • Cordless phones are not responding with your version of Skype
  • Running Magic Jack and Skype together from the same PC

Do not let the above problems daunt you and let you think of some other alternatives like migrating to Google Voice instead. The cost associated with migration and the relevant training will again be a hassle for the normal functioning of your business.

Rely on the expertise of iYogi Technicians. You will not only get expert advice but also instant solutions on using Skype in different languages, resolving error in automatic dialing software, using extension number in Skype, sharing documents over Skype, etc.

DIY: Fix language problem

In case you are unable to set any particular language as the default language of your Skype program, then the following simple steps can help you choose the language of your choice:

  • Start Skype
  • Go to Tools menu
  • Choose ‘Change Language’
  • Select the language of your choice
  • Click ‘OK’

You are all set to give a ring to your distant friends and relatives.

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