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Support for Skype by iYogi

As you begin using Skype, you will experience different types of Skype errors. Some you will be able to resolve without much effort, and for some continuing Skype errors, you may find you need a Skype expert. Call iYogi, we offer comprehensive support for all Skype errors. Our mission is to help Skype users overcome glitches and enable a hassle-free Skype experience.

Here are some of the areas where iYogi support for Skype is provided:

  1. Configuring Skype
  2. Configuring your PBX
  3. Enabling Skype Connect
  4. Help with Skype Manager
  5. Troubleshooting Skype errors

Call iYogi at 1 877 700 5208  and get full support for Skype.

Skype Connect, a great business tool!

Skype Connect helps you communicate with clients, business associates, collaborators and vendors at minimal cost. All it requires is a few additional upgrades.

How can Skype Connect help your business save money?

1. Cheap Outgoing Calls: Thanks to Skypes low cost global calling rates you can make as many international calls you want and save a lot on your bills.

2. Free Incoming Calls: For this you need to buy online numbers or add business accounts and set up Skype buttons. Now people can call you for free, from their Skype connection.

3. Manage Usage and Expenditure: You can create multiple SIP profiles to control how your team uses Skype Connect. You will also be able to monitor their call spending by using Skype Manager tools.

4. Caller ID option: Set up caller ID easily, so your number is displayed on all your Skype Connect calls. Professional, isnt it?

Setting up Skype Manager

Before you start off with Skype Connect, you need to set up Skype Manager. Just enter a Skype Name and password and register your company details online. To do this, visit the Skype website.

Now, just follow the instructions provided on-screen to select the type of Skype account you want to use. You can either go for your personal Skype account or create a new one for Skype Manager. Once you have created your account and registered, you will automatically get signed in to Skype Manager.

Getting Started with Skype Connect

The first thing you need to do to get started with Skype Connect is create at least one SIP profile in Skype Manager.

SIP Profile for Outgoing Calls: To enable SIP Profile for outgoing calls you must add Skype Credit to the SIP Profile from your Skype Manager.

SIP Profile for Incoming Calls: To enable incoming calls, add one or more business Skype accounts to the SIP Profiles. You can even add online numbers and add them to your SIP Profile.

Reporting Options: There are 2 types of reporting available through Skype Manager. One is monthly allocations and the other is detailed usage reports. Both of them are directly available from Skype Connect. To view Skype Connect reports, heres what needs to be done.

  • Click Features in the toolbar
  • From the menu on the left, click Skype Connect
  • Go through the SIP Profile whose reporting you require and click View Profile
  • From the menu on the left, click Reports.

Other things you can do with Skype Connect

Skype Connect has other neat uses too! Here are some:

Create Multiple SIP Profiles: For businesses having multiple offices, having multiple SIP Profiles is the smart way to use Skype Connect. Not sure why you would want multiple SIP profiles, check this out:

  • Each SIP Profile will have its own budget for outgoing calls in the form of Skype Credit added to it.
  • If company has branches in different countries then Skype requires you to create a Skype Manager for each country.
  • It makes things simple. So, it is easy to track, maintain and work with it.
  • Skype Connect and DIDs

You can easily get DID like functionality with Skype Connect. For this you need a combination of online numbers and taking advantage of SIP enabled PBXs functionality and configuration options.

Skype Connect DIY

There are some common issues that you may face in Skype Connect and as a user you can easily find a fix as well. Check out these DIY solutions to help you work with Skype Connect in a better way.

Problem Cause Fault Replacement Points to Check Solution

Mid call dropping

Calls to landline or mobile number are failing

RTP stream is disconnecting

Skype credit has run out

Internet connectivity problems

Skype Connect issues


Skype Manager

SIP-enabled PBX


Check trace at the SIP-enabled PBX

Check the SIP Profile Skype Connect channel subscriptions

Check Skype Manager for registration status and SIP-enabled PBX

Check Skype

Check internet connectivity

Extend the online number

Activate the Skype Connect channel subscription

Re-register the SIP-enabled PBX

Wait for Skype


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