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Network Management

Network management is all about the management of computer network. It refers to the activities, methods, procedures applied and tools used for operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning of networked systems.


Every organization consists of multiple computers and servers, including routers and switches, which are interconnected and if any one goes down, the entire network is shaken. This is where network management comes in and sounds beneficial. It helps in keeping a constant check at every part of the network and if any component faces issue, it is proactively detected and resolved.  The main job of network management is to alert administrators about the troubles that might take place on the network and also to develop trends that lead to a healthier network.


Here’s how network management benefits the organization:


Ability to monitor hardware and software


With a well-established network management, it becomes easier to keep a constant check at every piece of hardware as well as software. In simple words, functions of hardware as well as software can be easily monitored, such as data capacity and data transfer speed, system and software settings –everything is constantly under check. If anything goes wrong with any component, it is attended immediately without affecting the productivity.


Easy to determine the problem


With improved network management, it is beneficial for the administrators to ensure that all system functions are as they are intended to. It is easier for them to locate the problem and find immediate resolution for them.  


Easy to secure network from potential threats


With network management, security definitely comes at the top. Strong management over the computer network will eliminate the chances of infections caused by viruses, hackings, and other online threats. Since, the computer network is interconnected, so it becomes easier for a hacker to break in and cause harm either to the equipment or data. Thus, with network management, it is easier to monitor the traffic coming from both the sides. Firewall systems can constantly keep a check at signs of attack as the software also helps in identifying and eliminating viruses and other forms of intrusion.


Centralized data is easily accessible


Centralized data makes it easier for the users to access the information as and when needed without going through any other process. Backup and data recovery also fall under the network management, which helps in protecting the data even if something major happens or the system goes completely off.


The importance of network management can be felt at every stage – whether it is about the speed, performance or the security of the entire computer network. Adequate network management often helps in locating problems and finding appropriate solutions for them. It actually helps in resolving issues before they start affecting the entire system. 

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