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5 Quick Tips For Green Tech Use Every Day

If you love your devices and gadgets, then you definitely want them to last long. Recycling technology and being conscious of power usage is one of the best and easiest ways to make your technology last longer. Check out these 5 quick tips that can turn your everyday tech greener.

1. Check the sleep mode preferences

How many times do you actually log off your computer when you are not using it? Most of us whether at home or work forget to turn our PCs off. This shoots up the facility costs as well as reduce the age of your favorite devices. One easy way to handle this problem is having energy saver preferences in place. This will ensure that your devices go to sleep in a timely manner when it is not in use.

2. Unplug Every Day

Putting your devices on an energy saving mode will definitely save power, but it will not give your PC the rest it requires to run successfully. Devices that are on a standby mode but plugged in add up to an extra $10 billion in energy costs per year. It is important to switch off power or unplug at the end of the day or even before, you go off for a holiday. And we are not just talking about your PC and laptop. This goes for your smartphone and tablets as well.

3. Recycle Your Old Tech

Recycling your old tech devices and gadgets is the next thing you can do to get green tech around you. Right from Apple Best Buy to Staples and even Office Max, there are several technology recycling programs available that lets you drop off or send in your devices for environmentally safe recycling. So, rather than adding junk to your home and work space, recycle smart.

Why it matters so much? "Recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3,500 U.S. homes in a year," says the EPA, and for every million cell phones recycled, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered.

4. Are you really in a paper less set up?

We all believe that we work in a paperless organization and everything around us is electronic. However an average office worker still uses around 10,000 sheets of paper every year. How many times you have found print jobs that never get picked up from the printer? By taking some simple steps, you can save a lot of paper and contribute to greener technology around you.

5. Go Fluorescent

Fluorescent light bulbs definitely do not hit the bill when it comes to your Smartphones, but they definitely play a role when we are talking about green tech and saving the planet. Fluorescent bulbs have a number of energy saving factors that help reduce power consumption. They also produce around 75% less heat. That means your tech devices remain cooler for a longer duration.

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