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5 ways to improve your smartphone’s battery last life

Your smartphone is the key to your productive self. That, until its battery crocks and you end up thinking why you actually invested in this low-power device in the first place. Instead of keeping your smartphone always tethered to a power outlet, here are five tips that can help you squeeze out every last drop of power from the battery and maximize its run time:

Activate battery saver mode

Battery saver mode shifts your smartphone into a low-power mode and is a great way to make your device run longer. Battery saver mode is your smartphone’s built-in power management tool that will make automatic settings on your device to disable apps and software running in the background to save power. In fact, enabling battery saver mode can make your device run up to 90 minutes longer. To turn on the battery saver mode:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Battery’
  • Tap on the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘Battery Saver’.

Disable vibrate

When saving battery is your prioritythen leaving your phone on vibrate mode is not a wise choice, for it consumes much more power than the ringing mode does. Thus, in order to save power and make your smartphone’s battery run longer, keep your phone in the ringing mode.

Reduce screen brightness

The biggest battery drain on any portable device is its display. Reducing the brightness of the screen is the simplest way to make your device run longer without the need of a power source. By decreasing the display brightness to 50%, you can add a significant amount of time to your battery power.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and background apps

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and applications running in the background are one of the biggest power hogs. It’s better to turn them off when not in use. Similarly, close all the apps running in the background. They consume most power by sharing your phone’s processor cycles. By closing them, you’ll be able to drastically reduce your CPU’s workload and cut down its power consumption

Go easy on GPS

The GPS of your smartphone is a little radio that sends and receives signals from satellites to share your phone’s location. Though extremely powerful and useful, it consumes a lot of battery. A number of apps installed on your smartphone use your phone’s GPS to provide a range of services from nearby restaurants location to keeping you up-to-date on your social networks. So, if you want to save battery, turn your smartphone’s GPS off.  

So, here you go. Use these five tips and add some extra life to your smartphone’s battery.

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