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Simple hacks to speed up a slow charging iPhone!

Is your iPhone charging slower than usual?

Well, before you replace the charger or the charging cable, here are a few simple fixes that can help you fix this issue. The processes mentioned below are simple, practical and doesn’t incur any cost! So, here you go…

  • Typically, iPhone charges slow in case there’s dust buildup in and around the charging port. Remove the dust and try charging again. To clear the dust, try a toothpick or a bobby pin or a can of compressed air. Remember to do it gently as applying force could permanently damage the port.
  • You can also try switching off your iPhone to speed up the charging time.
  • In case this isn’t an option, set your device to the airplane mode to boost the time. To enable this setting
    • Go to the Settings option in the Home screen
    • Scroll down to the Airplane Mode from the displayed list

    • Tap the Toggle switch to enable it.
  • Close down all the opened apps and thereby reduce the load on your device. This will speed up the charge time considerably.
  • If it is workable, try plugging in your charger directly on the wall port rather than through a USB. If it isn’t an option, remove all the other devices connected on the USB ports in your computer while charging. You can notice the difference in speed instantly.
  • Power-cycling the device is also a good way to boost its charge time.

If none of these help and you’re still facing the same issues that you were encountering before reading this post, you may have to consider changing the charger or checking the wall port to see if it’s working fine.

We hope the steps above are able to help you fix the slow charging issue… 

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