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Tips to Clean Up Spam in Gmail Account

Every time you assess your Gmail Account you see so many unwanted e-mails waiting for you in your inbox. Do you know where do you get such e-mails from or what do you call them?

Well, the unwanted e-mails that you receive in bulk every day are commercial e-mails also known as spam. Such mails are of no use and it unnecessarily makes your inbox crowded, therefore it is always better to clean up the spam mails from your e-mail account.

The Gmail uses a smart filter to check if messages should go into your inbox or your spam folder, so if you have mark a message as spam , the filter automatically sends it to the spam folder. Also, the more often you receive spam, the smarter the filter becomes and there will be less spam in your account. Not only this, Gmail also provides the option of searching and sorting out the spam e-mails from your account and save the filter’s settings to send future spam directly to the Trash folder.

So, if you don’t know how to clean up spam from your Gmail Account, here are the steps to make the changes at the comfort of your home. 

Steps to cleaning out Spam

1.       Log into your Gmail account, and select “Inbox” from the left-column menu.

2.       Click on the arrow located on the right side of the search field to get the search options.

3.       Type any name or word used in the spam message in the search field to get the list of spam messages from inbox. For example- You can type any relevant term, name, or word that you most often see in a spam mail.

4.       Click the “Search” button to get the list of spam e-mails that fall within your search criteria and scan the results again and again to ensure that only spam mails are displayed.

5.       Now click the “Select” button located below the search field, and then select “All.”

6.       Click on “Report Spam” button that appears to the left of the Select button to report spam to Google.

This will delete all the e-mails reported as spam from your inbox.       

Steps to set filter in Gmail

1.       Click the arrow next to the Search filed in your Gmail account.

2.       Type an email address of the spam account in the “From” field, and you can filter all e-mails coming from a domain by typing the domain name in the “From” field. You can also type words in the “Has the Words” text fields that contain spam.

3.       Click on the “Delete It” option, and then click the “Create Filter” button. Next time, if you receive any spam message your search criteria will automatically send it to the Trash folder.

Steps to remove messages from Spam Folder

The messages in the Spam and Trash folders are automatically deleted after 30 days, therefore you must check that it doesn’t contain any non-spam messages.

1.       Select the message you want to remove from the Spam folder and click the “Not Spam” button.

2.       To delete a single spam message from the spam folder, click the check box on the left of the message and select the “Delete button.”

3.       To delete the entire Spam folder, select all the messages by clicking the “Select” button above the messages and the select “All.” Now Click “Delete forever” to permanently delete the selected messages.

4.       As soon as you do that Gmail will display the message: “Hooray! No Spam Here!”

5.       To create a filter to make sure the sender’s message are not placed in the spam folder again, copy the name or e-mail of the sender and paste it into the “From” field.

6.       Now, Click the “Create Filter With This Search Link,” and then select “Never Send It To Spam” option.

7.       Click the “Create Filter” button.

There is absolutely no space for spam in Gmail, nevertheless one should know how to remove and report a spam in Gmail Account. 

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