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5 Websites that help you relax….even between your work!

Just few months back, I wrote an article on 7 websites to kill background noise. Well, that was to get more productive and concentrate on getting the maximum done in the minimum time. But, what happens when this productivity starts causing stress and anxiety and you just have to rewind?

As it is important to work with focus, it is equally important to relax and give yourself a break. It honestly does not do anyone any good to be ‘ON’ all the time. This becomes all the more important when you are working on the PC all day long.

Moreover, it doesn’t take the entire day or even major portions of the day to relax or de-stress. Just a couple of minutes are enough to remove anxiety, tension and tiredness out of your mind and body. Yes, I will take you away from the internet, while keeping you on it.

Disconnect from the online world, from chats, FB, Twitter, emails and lots more and visit any of these 5 websites that help you relax and de-stress, even between your work. All these websites ask for is 2 minutes or more. You will feel better and guarantee smile at the end of our journey….

1. Calm is one awesome website that relaxes you, even if you have only 2 minutes. Once the site is loaded, you can customize your period of ‘guided relaxation’. You can select from 2 minutes, 10 minutes or even 20 minutes. Select your animated background with its accompanying soundtrack. You can select from backgrounds like beach, birds, falling rain etc.

2. Rain For Me

If you find visuals distracting, then Rain For Me should definitely work for you. It gets rid of all visual representation and delivers only sound. On the webpage, you will see a simple still image of woodland being drenched in water and you will hear the sound of rain. It is relaxing and definitely makes you forget everything else. Yes, you may long for a cup of hot chocolate.

3. Into Time

Into Time is one website that makes you realize that things don’t need to be too complicated, to get a work done. The site is insanely simple, but does de-stress you and relax you. The site starts with a blank square and every time you click within that square, the space will halve. You can select which squares to divide, or simply sit back and watch the colors swirl and fuse in front of your eyes.

4. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

This site will actually make you feel that focusing for 2 minutes is soooooo difficult.

Do Nothing For Two Minutes is an extremely useful website. It actually offers nothing but the image of sea with the sound of waves playing in the background. The aim is to remain static for 2 minutes, without touching the mouse or keyboard for that duration. Can you do it?

5. The Quiet Place Project

This is a little paradise on the net that takes you away from everything else. The Quiet Place Project has a number of pages that includes 90 Seconds Relaxation Exercise, the Quiet Place, and the Thoughts Room. Each of these offer different variations of the theme, by gently persuading you to take a moment to relax and forget your worries.


So, how do you feel? I hope I could at least make you smile, as I said in the beginning. Share your thoughts about this section in our comments section.

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