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Top iOS 8.3 tips that can turn you into an iPhone pro

Scanning through device settings is always time-consuming and frustrating. But Apple’s iOS 8.3 gives you more than one way to simplify your device settings and make the most of your productive time. With plenty of new goodies, iOS 8.3 can take your iPhone experience to an all new level – without the need to upgrade your device to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are the top iOS 8.3 tips and tricks that can turn you into an iPhone pro and help you boost your productivity in no time:

Emails and Messages

Want to quickly scan through e-mails and messages? Here are some tips that can help:

1.  Hide QuickType suggestions

Though QuickType keyboard is the biggest change to the messenger, it might not be for everyone. iOS 8.3 gives you the power to ditch the predictive results and go back to the autocorrect mode. To hide QuickType suggestions, simply swipe down on the new gray bar and hide it. To give QuickType another chance, swipe back up.

2.  Reply to a message from the lock screen

Thanks to the latest iOS 8.3 update, now you don’t have to unlock your iPhone every time to reply to a message. Simply swipe the notification to left and tap ‘Reply’ to send your response. To dismiss, simply tap on ‘Cancel’.

3.  Undo trash

Deleted an e-mail by mistake? Recover it in a click. Simple shake your iPhone and tap ‘Undo’ to move email back to the inbox.

4.  Check the meaning

Check the meaning of words without losing your place. Simply select the word and tap ‘Define’ in the pop-up menu. You’ll see the word’s definition and usage.


No time to type? Allow Siri to help you.

1.  Use Siri hands-free

Activate Siri by simply speaking to it. To enable this tweak,

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘General’
  • Click on ‘Siri’ and then select “Hey Siri”

However, to use Siri hands-free, you would have to connect your iPhone to a power source.


Want to simplify your digital life? Here are some ways Apple iOS 8.3 can help.

1.  Enhance search through Spotlight

Though Apple’s built-in search bar is a fine way to find apps that are buried in crowded folders, Spotlight is more powerful and feature-rich. Not only will it help you locate contacts, e-mails and music in a jiffy, you can also easily and quickly search the web, news, maps, and movies, and save time, effort and energy.

2.  Switch to ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’

If constant messages and WhatsApp notifications don’t allow you to sleep in peace, then this is what you need.  The ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in Apple iOS 8.3 allows you to silence all calls and alerts at nights so that you can enjoy a sound sleep. To activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and schedule time.

All your calls will automatically be silenced during that time period. Skeptical about missing important calls? Add them to Favorites and get notified even while you sleep.

3.  Make everything look bigger and better

Does small size make it difficult for you to find your way through iPhone apps and icons? iOS 8.3 allows you to make everything look bigger for added convenience. To display everything at a large size,

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Display & Brightness’
  • Select ‘View’ and tap ‘Zoomed’

4.  Override the time zone

With iOS 8.3, you can now easily work your way through different time zones. The Time Zone Override feature allows you to see events data and time in the selected time zone. To use this feature

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Mail, contacts, calendar’
  • Select ‘Time Zone Override’.

However, when this feature is off, you will see events according to your current location.


Make your iPhone camera work according to your commands. Some tips to help you out.

1.  Recover photos in a click

Didn’t mean to delete that photo? Don’t panic. With iOS 8.3, you can now recover your deleted photos in a flash.  To recover your photos,

  • Tap on ‘Albums’
  • Open ‘Recently deleted album’
  • Tap on the photo and then tap ‘Recover’.

2.  Take artistic control over your photos

With iOS 8.3, you can easily capture shots the way you want. Simply override your iPhone’s automatic settings and set your own focus to frame your shot. For this, touch on the area where you want to lock the exposure and focus and hold until the rectangle pulses.

3.  See before and after

Comparing photos has become easier than ever. iOS 8.3 allows you to compare between original and edited photos to check changes you are making. For this, touch and hold the image to temporarily show the original.

4.  Gather your best shots in one album

Tap on ‘Favorite’ icon to select all your favorite photos and keep them grouped in one folder for easier access.

5.  Use timer to take selfies   

Use the shutter timer and include yourself in all your group photos. To frame your shot, tap on timer and the number of seconds. Then tap on the ‘Shutter’ button and jump into the shot.


Increase the battery life of your iPhone by identifying apps that are consuming most memory.

1.  Identify battery guzzling apps

With iOS 8.3, keeping a tab on apps that consume most memory has become extremely easy. To check apps that have used most memory over the last 24 hours, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General settings’
  • Click on ‘Usage’ and then ‘Battery usage’.

You’ll be able to check if a certain app is consuming more battery than others and is making your iPhone slow.

So use these simple and easy-to-follow tips and simplify your iPhone experience.



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