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OEMs and Software Publishers

People own more devices now than they did 5 years ago and we are in a more connected world. Parks Associates has forecast that over 8 billion devices will be connected to home networks by the end of 2015.

The volume of customer support calls is likely to grow substantially with the increase in the number of devices. Customers expect support across all devices because they donít understand the complexity introduced by the interaction of one device with another. With the increase in device diversity, the share of wallet has gone down while driving up the cost of support from out of scope calls.

With an industry average CSAT of 80% and an NPS of only 32%, OEMs are struggling to maintain CSAT levels while being forced to deflect a certain percentage of support request volume. The Digital Service Cloud enables OEMs to service customers at a lower cost, deliver higher CSAT, and at the same time reduce No Fault Found (NFF) returns with support automation. It allows OEMs to sell paid tech support plans and increase the customer lifetime opportunity through a better engagement cycle.