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The Digital Service Cloud is an open, modular and easy to integrate, white labeled cloud based tech support solution that enables companies to provide the best in class customer experience, while reducing costs and generating new revenue.

Each module comprises of a set of functionality that when put together drives a high NPS generating customer experience by delivering highly contextual information to the right person at the right time. By analyzing customer interactions and device data, the Digital Service Cloud’s self-evolving feedback system enriches the knowledge engine and intelligence of the system to deliver the optimum agent and customer experience. Through the same mechanism, the system can assist in discovery of new sources of revenue from up-selling, cross-selling and paid tech support services.

Multi-Channel Support Delivery Powered by the UX Cloud

Deliver a frictionless customer experience by providing support via multiple touch points.

Social Cloud
Listen, understand and engage customers at their point of need.


Device Cloud
Monitoring, maintenance and management of your customersâ?? digital devices.

Listen, analyze and engage with your customers on social media platforms. Take control of conversations customers are having about you or with you by streaming these conversations to your case queue, where you can respond through your traditional channels.

Support Cloud
Proactive and preventative tech support automation using device management and monitoring.

Revenue Cloud
Leverage the power of asset intelligence & sales recommendation engine for out of scope call monetization.


Multi-Channel Support Delivery
powered by the UX Cloud

Engage with customers at their point of need. Interact with customers through the medium of their choice. Whether it is a phone call, chat session, email, or social media, Digital Service Cloud enables you to communicate with customers at the point of interaction.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Empower your customers: Support Dock is central to the frictionless customer support experience that the UX cloud delivers to customers. Support Dock, an on-device multi-function software toolset offers single click solutions and instant access to support to your customers.

For example, a user can initiate a support sessionwith a remote tech, request a call-back, rundiagnostics and self-help tools.

Social and Community Tech Support
powered by the Social Cloud

Listen, analyze and engage with your customers on social media platforms. Take control of conversations customers are having about you or with you by streaming these conversations to your case queue, where you can respond through your traditional channels.
Deliver a collaborative tech support experience to your customers through the tech genie app which customers can use to get assistance from friends or connect with one of your reps if needed.

Device Monitoring and Management
powered by the Device Cloud

As a part of the UX cloud, Support Dock not only delivers a friction less customer experience but it also conducts discovery and monitors the network of all connected devices. This information is transmitted to the Device Cloud, thereby enabling the device intelligence engine to proactively monitor, maintain, and manage computers and other connected devices. Digital Service Cloud also enables companies to delivery MDM support.

Device Cloud provides the ability to proactively monitor, maintain, and manage customer machines and connected digital devices. Alerts thrown up by individual devices as well as alerts from network traffic can be analyzed to deliver preventive maintenance and mitigate further issues.

With an explosion in device form factors and the rapid adoption of mobility products such as smartphones and tablets, it has become imperative to also provide mobile device management(MDM) support services and support a large mobile workforce.

Contact Center Support Automation
powered by the Support Cloud

Six years of experience and handling over 10 million service requests are baked into the code for automation and standardization of technical support services. The support cloud enables you to deliver round-the-clock tech support to customers through a multi-channel approach.

Customers can initiate the support process through various means including but not limited to phone calls, chat, email, apps, and social media. Standardize service delivery across multiple sites and offer technical support to customers through any touch point.

Real-time Sales Recommendation Engine
powered by the Revenue Cloud

Increase the average revenue per user through new high-margin income streams for your business. Leverage the Revenue Cloud’s built in subscriber management system to generate new revenues by offering premium tech support services.

In addition, use the Revenue Cloud’s real-time sales recommendation engine, customer analytics and device intelligence from the Device Cloud to up-sell and cross-sell relevant products like hard-drives, laptops, etc. to generate incremental revenue.

Reporting and Business Analytics
powered by the Analytics Cloud

Digital Service Cloud monitors service delivery in real-time and evaluates trends against historical performance by generating a number of operational reports. These reports are designed to track the efficiency and quality of support services.

They help in making further improvements, training technicians for skills enhancement, scheduling and allocating tasks, performance management, quality control, and lots more.

Self Help Portal

Digital Service Cloud offers self-help knowledge portals portals which can be white-labeled and customized for your customers.

Mobile Support Dock

Support your customers on the go. The mobile version of Support Dock is an easy-to-use, all-purpose multi-utility tech support app for iPhone and Android devices. With this app, users can get single click solutions to manage their smartphones and get access to always-on technical support for all their digital devices.